Kinect Sports Rivals Coming April 8th

Kinect Sports Rivals is coming out in early spring.

"The game will be available in North America, Australia and New Zeland on April 8 and on April 11 in Europe."


Added new video to article introducing Kinect Teams trailer.

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Septic1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Cheers. Fixed.

OT- I wonder what improvements they made to the game after we played it. It was a bit hit and miss when we tried it at Gamescom.

Axonometri1619d ago

I was trying to be respectful...

I'm skeptical yet. I have always felt Kinect could be a great control platform and bring a lot to many genre, but it just always falls flat for me. There were like 3 gems last go of it. We will just have to see this time around. Sure seems like MS is not investing too much into games on Kinect 2 though.

3-4-51619d ago

This is the only KINECT game that as looked even somewhat legit.

megazero121619d ago

day one for me, looks fun

Mr Pumblechook1619d ago

This will turn things around!
It will be the killer app that forces the world to love Kinect.

LAWSON721619d ago

I cant wait lol I got it marked on my calendar.

creeping judas1619d ago

I think this will be a game that will get the whole family playing at the same time!! I am looking forward to it for that reason.

Axonometri1619d ago

I think this is where Kinect big ticket is. Family titles. It is the one thing that could really set itself apart. MS needs to capitalize on the current state of things and do everything it can to pull in those looking for this kind of family experience. It does make me wonder why more has not been marketed on gaming with Kinect 2 though.

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The story is too old to be commented.