Creator of Garry's Mod and Rust has Acquired Xbox One Devkits Through [email protected]

It seems the creator of both Garry's Mod and Rust has received Xbox One devkits via [email protected] today, apparently, disguised as regular Xbox Ones with bar-codes!

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LAWSON721593d ago

I dont know much about Rust but if the sales mean the game is really good hopefully it finds it way to as many plaforms as possible

ovnipc1592d ago

Nice i love it on pc. My cknsole of choice keeps getting better. Keep it up xbox!

Naga1593d ago

Naked hordes of axe-wielding maniacs... coming soon, to a console near you.

lets_go_gunners1593d ago

Holy Crap I'm at a lost for words. Rust is friggin awesome. Everyone should play it! It's like 20 dollars on steam.

Seafort1593d ago

The steam Early Access sales are 1 million+ now. Pretty good game and can be quite brutal depending on the ppl you meet.

It's quite bare bones for now as the game is only about 10% complete.

Can't wait to see where they go with the game.

Blaze9291593d ago

Nice, good to see the ID program picking up steam

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