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IGN: Infamous: Second Son Dials Up the Action and the Drama

A fresh hands-on with Infamous: Second Son. Is it poised to bring the franchise's action and story-telling to new heights? (IGN, inFamous: Second Son, PS4)

ZodTheRipper  +   253d ago
"Infamous: Second Son looks and plays like a dream, and I'm itching to spend more time with it."

That's what I wanted to read, only a few weeks left! :D
WeAreLegion  +   253d ago
Not watching any videos. Just waiting. :)
Meltic  +   253d ago
Then u are truly missing something. WATCH IT
Irishguy95  +   253d ago
I agree with you, it's better to wait. I'ma stop watching now.
3-4-5  +   253d ago
yea just wait.

Remember back in the day when you didn't know anything about a game, you just popped it in and hoped for the best.

If it was good, it just blew you away because you weren't expecting any of this because the surprise or initial awesomeness hadn't worn off yet.

I'm ruined the appeal of certain games for myself by trying to get every last detail and screen shot and video.

In the end it made the game "less special", and even though it would still be good, it was missing that mysteriousness of not knowing what it's all about.

Surprise in a game, not suspenseful but where your in "awe" of something, can be all it takes to lock that game in your memory as "best ever" or something similar.
fenome  +   252d ago
Same here man, I'm on video blackout till I see it in-game. I've had the collectors edition preordered for a while now with launch day shipping. I even took a week off work the day it releases ( I was way overdue for a vacation and I've got 60 hours of paid time off saved up). Can't wait to get my hands on this one.

I ain't gonna lie though, it's been hard not to watch, and I've read a couple of the hands-on previews. I need to stop though 'cause I'm afraid one of these times they're gonna drop a spoiler and give away a new power and then I'm gonna be kickin' myself.
chrissx  +   253d ago
These are the types of games that justify my purchase of a Ps4
goldwyncq  +   253d ago
Can't wait for the PS4's first great AAA exclusive.
Meltic  +   253d ago
Please suckerpunch dont spoil more
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Truway  +   253d ago
They aren't. You are just giving in and reading it. I admit the it's hard but I try to avoid all news on games I plan to buy.
Meltic  +   253d ago
true true its very hard. Im getting eager here hehe
Baccra17  +   253d ago
Back then when had writers that knew how to write a preview. Ibn other words they told you about the game without spoiling anything. So it's the writers spoiling it, not the person trying to find out about the game.
S2Killinit  +   253d ago
A superhero open world would really hit the spot
TristanPR77  +   252d ago
Not looking at anything, just waiting for the game and experience it myself.
fenome  +   252d ago
Same here, I'm just afraid one of these days somebody's gonna straight spoil a new power in a headline or something. That would suck!
I would have to ragequit N4G til after the game releases. Lmao

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