PS4 Exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son Gets New, Amazing 1080p Screenshots Showing Neon, Fetch and More

Sony Computer Entertainment just released a batch of new screenshots of Sucker Punch’s PS4 Exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son, giving a new glimpse on how the game looks and feels.

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Game4life1592d ago


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UltimateMaster1592d ago

I'm sure it'll come alongside The Order 1886.

FamilyGuy1592d ago

Ha! I knew someone would make a gif of that shot of him getting neon from the Anchor sign. This game is not only visually stunning but artistic as well. Everything just look so good and vibrant, even in the dark areas.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1591d ago

WOOOOW I HAVE NOT SEEN THESE. Awesome particle neon effects

FamilyGuy1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

*Possible Spoiler*

It looks like Delsin is combining his powers. They initially claimed you could only use one at a time but in one of the pics it looks like he's got a fire sword while in neon power mode and there's another pic where Delsin and Fetch look like they're using their powers together in a sort of combination move.

Conzul1592d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking when I saw those pics.

Like how Cole could mix his powers with Nix and Quo...

Tatsuya 1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

An excerpt from GI: "In general, Delsin's smoke powers are great for up-close-and-personal combat, while his precise neon powers are best used from a distance. While using his smoke powers, Delsin will use a chain to melee enemies, but while using his neon powers, the chain takes on a stiffer, more sword-like form. To switch powers, players will merely need to find a power source, such as a smoke stack or neon sign, and absorb its essence."

Regardless of what that means., it's going to be FREAKIN AWESOME!

Only possible on the PS4 folks :)

assdan1592d ago

Agreed, still love these shots though!

ITPython1592d ago

It is absolutely insane how beautiful this game looks! I mean goodness, the gif showing him drawing power from the sign... WOW! Work of freaking art right there and one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in a game.

If the gameplay and story match the sheer beauty of the game, I sense a potential GOTY.

XB1, eat your heart out!

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jokia0051592d ago

looks new video?.......

mshh41592d ago

The gameplay in that video looks like off screen not direct feed

Shane Kim1592d ago

Thanks man! That video looks beautiful! :D

webeblazing1592d ago

damn it looks good the did a great job with infamous

minimur121589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

lmao, I can't wait for this game, haven't got it pre-ordered yet but I'm gonna get it :D

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chrissx1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Absolutely stunning. Looking forward to seeing a new vid. Anticipation/Hype 100%

tay87011592d ago

looks incredible as expected. love sucker punch

Lunarassassin1592d ago

Looking at the bird on his back these must be bad karma shots.
Also is the 3rd picture an actual neon sword? If so i may just stream tears of joy.