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PS4 Exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son Gets New, Amazing 1080p Screenshots Showing Neon, Fetch and More

Sony Computer Entertainment just released a batch of new screenshots of Sucker Punch’s PS4 Exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son, giving a new glimpse on how the game looks and feels. (inFamous: Second Son, PS4)

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Game4life  +   431d ago
Sammy777   431d ago | Spam
UltimateMaster  +   431d ago
I'm sure it'll come alongside The Order 1886.
GribbleGrunger  +   431d ago
B-roll footage:


Good Lord, I want this game.
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ZodTheRipper  +   431d ago
This is gaming-porn.
pyramidshead  +   430d ago
SO tasty.
FamilyGuy  +   431d ago
Ha! I knew someone would make a gif of that shot of him getting neon from the Anchor sign. This game is not only visually stunning but artistic as well. Everything just look so good and vibrant, even in the dark areas.
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   430d ago
WOOOOW I HAVE NOT SEEN THESE. Awesome particle neon effects
FamilyGuy  +   431d ago
*Possible Spoiler*

It looks like Delsin is combining his powers. They initially claimed you could only use one at a time but in one of the pics it looks like he's got a fire sword while in neon power mode http://cdn2.dualshockers.co... and there's another pic where Delsin and Fetch look like they're using their powers together in a sort of combination move. http://cdn2.dualshockers.co...
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Conzul  +   430d ago
That's exactly what I was thinking when I saw those pics.

Like how Cole could mix his powers with Nix and Quo...
Tatsuya  +   430d ago
An excerpt from GI: "In general, Delsin's smoke powers are great for up-close-and-personal combat, while his precise neon powers are best used from a distance. While using his smoke powers, Delsin will use a chain to melee enemies, but while using his neon powers, the chain takes on a stiffer, more sword-like form. To switch powers, players will merely need to find a power source, such as a smoke stack or neon sign, and absorb its essence."

Regardless of what that means., it's going to be FREAKIN AWESOME!

Only possible on the PS4 folks :)
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assdan  +   431d ago
Agreed, still love these shots though!
ITPython  +   430d ago
It is absolutely insane how beautiful this game looks! I mean goodness, the gif showing him drawing power from the sign... WOW! Work of freaking art right there and one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in a game.

If the gameplay and story match the sheer beauty of the game, I sense a potential GOTY.

XB1, eat your heart out!
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jokia005  +   431d ago
looks awesome.......no new video?.......
mshh4  +   431d ago
The gameplay in that video looks like off screen not direct feed
Letthewookiewin  +   431d ago
Friggin amazing.
Shane Kim  +   431d ago
Thanks man! That video looks beautiful! :D
webeblazing  +   430d ago
damn it looks good the did a great job with infamous
minimur12  +   428d ago
lmao, I can't wait for this game, haven't got it pre-ordered yet but I'm gonna get it :D
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chrissx  +   431d ago
Absolutely stunning. Looking forward to seeing a new vid. Anticipation/Hype 100%
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tay8701  +   431d ago
looks incredible as expected. love sucker punch
Lunarassassin  +   431d ago
Looking at the bird on his back these must be bad karma shots.
Also is the 3rd picture an actual neon sword? If so i may just stream tears of joy.
MacTastic  +   431d ago
Those pics are absolutely stunning. My excitement meter just keeps going up. Now we just need a new gameplay trailer.
GetRealOne  +   431d ago
I can't wait what other powers there will be! Also that there is no multiplayer is awesome! So goes the full attention to the singleplayer experience, same as the order!
WeAreLegion  +   431d ago
They're not revealing all powers. They want gamers to be surprised when they play it.
GetRealOne  +   431d ago
Yeah I know and I like it very much. So is the game much more exciting. With the Karma system it is also one of the few games that I am playing twice. I trust sucker punch very much. I think also this game good get a little bit higher ratings, than the last time. I think and hope mid-80s. Nevertheless Day One!
annus  +   430d ago
Yeah, multiplayer ruins games, just look at how much Last of Us was affected by it... /s
pyramidshead  +   431d ago
Straight......into my veins please. Dashing about using Neon looks incredible.

For some reason with third person games I love bad ass dodge animations/mechanics. This reminds me of when you become a 'Battlemage' in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and you do this nice blink dodge move that looks similar to the neon in this.
Tatsuya  +   431d ago

My PS4 will feel complete come 21st March 2014 :)
mshh4  +   431d ago
So they don't give us a gameplay trailer !!!!!!!!!! I really don't like that !!!!! We are the ones who buy the game not some journalists write about it !!!!!! This also mean they will do the same for the order !!!!!!!!
beatled  +   431d ago
screens like this are 100% doctored to look better


real game will have jaggies and not be nearly as crisp as evidenced by every video ever shown of the game

looks nice though regardless, just be prepared to see a large drop in quality

those are pc sourced screenshots with MASSIVE anti aliasing that the ps4 is 100% incapable of
HighResHero  +   431d ago
If they are not "100% doctored, will you acknowledge it? We've only seen low-bitrate footage of incomplete builds so far. They will show more closer to the release along with footage from The Order. I'll be interested to see your response to footage of The Order in action. Keep in mind these are still very early PS4 titles. More importantly they look fun and don't seem to have tacked on multiplayer.
BG11579  +   431d ago
Sorry wrong company...
RIP_Weazel  +   431d ago
Wow...working yourself up into quite the dramatic tizzy there beatled.
Yeah, yeah, we get it.....you're not a next gen console fan...yawn.
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webeblazing  +   430d ago
naw its not doctored the lighting is great. you can tell its not by the surroundings and textures.
zyphee  +   431d ago
The textures on that beanie =D
Dlacy13g  +   431d ago
inFamous SS definitely looks great. Great show piece for next gen hardware and hopefully a good sign of more to come.
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solidsheep  +   431d ago
Wohhhh!!! Did I just see a neon sword. That's it none stop neon power.
ziggurcat  +   431d ago
pre-ordered. can't wait!
AutoCad  +   431d ago
this game looks good..i wish i got into the last infamous games enough to care about it.but anyways the game looks awesome
SmielmaN  +   431d ago
Play them man, both good and evil ways. Powers are very different and so is the character. Really fun games. First games I platinum'd and cared enough about to platinum.
AutoCad  +   431d ago
i played one of them when they offered it for free after psn got hacked.it was a good game.idk if it had some sort of co-op i think i would buy it..
ya im one of them multiplayer type dudes lol

but ya game should be awesome.
SmielmaN  +   430d ago
Autocad- I enjoy MP every now and then but I'm a SP guy. I like good stories and graphics. And I like the variety of the indies lol.
Chapter11  +   431d ago
Is the name "Fetch" a dig at the gaming industry, or are they just that stupid?
Cryptcuzz  +   430d ago
What you're problem Willis, want to go night night now?

No idea what's getting your panties in a bunch when the game play and visuals looks so damn good.

Be happy...think of the ocean, sunset, cute puppies, pandas, Hello Kitty.
Tzuno  +   431d ago
lol the character model is worked well but the rest is blurry.
popup  +   431d ago
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Tzuno  +   431d ago
i know how it works but i think that it is used on purpose on every scene to mask the weak points.
whybag  +   431d ago
@Tzunoy Did you know depth of field increases GPU load? If they were having that much trouble renderingm they would just turn it off.
MRMagoo123  +   430d ago
tzunoy dun goofed hep derp

Like said just above me it would be easier on the hardware not to do it.
chronohill  +   431d ago
wow...this platinum for InFamous 2 is still pending..will this cool down the hype for SS?
Plagasx  +   431d ago
I Came.
Bathyj  +   431d ago
I can tell by your face.

I'm just about to...
Cryptcuzz  +   430d ago
lsujester  +   431d ago
What's with the soldier's arms in picture 4? Another Conduit, perhaps?
The_devils_chum  +   431d ago
Honestly ive never played inFAMOUS but its a bute crispy clean 1080p
SynestheticRoar  +   431d ago
Those graphics are so sexy.
TomahawkX  +   431d ago
37 more days peep!
MoreRPG  +   431d ago
This and UFC will be my first ps4 games
Funky Town_TX  +   431d ago
STUD and release the game already.
KillrateOmega  +   430d ago
I can't tell if that's a neon sword or the fire chain captured in such a way that we can't see the curve. It's unclear.
DivineHand125  +   430d ago
I must be spending too much time paying attention to detail. Did anyone else notice the main character's left foot going through the step in this shot? http://cdn2.dualshockers.co...
DAS692  +   430d ago
I can't download the video. I can only view the mirror. O_o
Genki  +   430d ago
I feel as though I'm the only person that isn't impressed by the visuals in this game.



The ground looks awful; very reminiscent of UE3's signature wet rubber look. The trees too..those look terrible, with the leaves and branches being especially bad. The geometry is very flat and the lighting isn't dynamic at all. The character models look ok, but are barely a step up from last gen, as the skin looks like plastic and has no texture at all.

I can't believe that this is what's being celebrated as superlative quality.
kino17  +   430d ago
I agree with you. I just couldn't put my finger on it
annus  +   430d ago
I can't wait for this game, but yeah, everything is very flat and just have insane bump maps and the likes to make it look much better than it is, which in turn just makes it look "odd".

I've never played the infamous series for their graphics though, the gameplay from the original was one of the best gameplay experiences I have played.
fooltheman  +   430d ago
It's open world... for an open world on ps4..I think it's impressive
PLASTICA-MAN  +   430d ago
You are right. The game may be cool but it is not inidicative of real next-gen graphics or a benchmark for PS4 power. So far the only REAL next-gen graphics shown on any platform are The Order 1886 (looks like CGI from movies or video games) and The Dark Sorcerer (which looks REAL). Surely the next Uncharted and GOW will be on the same level or even better but Infamous is definately NOT on the same league. i know it is open world and looks better than well Watch Dogs but you can't say it is a benchmark. It just has its ups and downs the best part is the particle effects, never seen before on any platform.
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