inFamous: Second Son is likeable, but not yet loveable- Eurogamer

Eurogamer give their impressions of their hands on with inFamous: Second Second

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ANIALATOR1361531d ago

I still hate the character for his stupid beanie hat thing. If it looked more like Troy Baker I'd be happier

Fishy Fingers1531d ago

From what I've seen, the protagonist comes across as a bit of a douche. Although I hear that was somewhat of a design choice. One reason I historically prefer FPS.

Game looks great though and my PS4 must be getting as sick of just BF4 as me.

WeAreLegion1531d ago

Not a douche. He just enjoys having powers. What douchey stuff has he done?

blitz06231531d ago

Well it seems like Delsin has more personality than Cole, though that doesn't say much. Cole was too boring. Baker should be able to elevate Delsin

Unreal011531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )


Why just Battlefield? There's actually a lot of games out to choose from. I've been playing Outlast, and I picked up Tomb Raider DE the other day since I didn't play it last gen, and oh my is it a beautiful game.

ZodTheRipper1531d ago

I don't understand how you can 'hate' him (already). There might be a good personality beyond this slightly immature behavior.

Fishy Fingers1531d ago

Unreal. I've got everything from PSN+, Outlast will cost me a fortune in new underwear, rysogun I've played to death (still love it, waiting on DLC) and don't starve is just not my thing.

AAA wise, BF4 and Killzone is all I own, prefer BF personally. Just waiting on the next wave of big titles. Already have tomb raider on PC. It's not that there a shortage of things to play it's just many don't appeal to me or I've already played them.

sobekflakmonkey1531d ago


Hey, man, I wear beanies like that, also, troy baker wears beanies like that.....lots of people wear beanies like that, no reason to hate on a person or character....

ColeMacGrath1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

"Cole was too boring"
What? Cole was funny most of the time, what the hell have you been smoking?

Rimeskeem1531d ago

I would act the same way if i had the powers he had

scott1821531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

That's seriously my only complaint about the game, the douche acting character. Maybe when I play it he wont seem as bad. But everything else seems absolutely top notch, hands down the most stunning graphics this gen so far, everything looks fantastic, and fun might I add.

refocusedman1530d ago

I don't understand how people can form any opinions about the characters of the game if we haven't seen even 5 mins of the game thus far. Wait a little before you pass judgement, or at least determine what the full context of the scenes that we've seen thus far

ShinMaster1530d ago

@ Fishy Fingers

You historically prefer characters with less personality?

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assdan1531d ago

He's supposed to be a little douchey. Can't wait though. Loved the first two.

gillri1531d ago

Hmm Not a huge fan of the series its 'good' but unless its a Fallout 3 RPG or a GTA V crime saga sandbox games can become boring to me due to endless fetch quests, repetitive side missions, collectibles and backtracking

For example I wish Sleeping Dogs had the same characters, story and gameplay but on a 'Shenmue' type scale like 1/6 the size of the actual map but more detailed with lots of interiors and without all the boring 'sandbox stuff'

Lets hope this game like Eurogamer says leads the series to the AAA category

DragonKnight1531d ago

It sounds like you haven't even played the series based on the general description of sandbox games you have.

lifeisgamesok1530d ago

I'm not getting the hype behind this game not on the graphics side either

ShinMaster1530d ago

Games like Fallout 3 may have endless fetch quests, but Infamous is not that type of game.

Unlike Bethesda, Sucker Punch made the character part of the story, not just someone doing favors for everyone on the map.

Aceman181531d ago

Loved the first two so I know I'll love this one. It looks stunning in my eyes

SilentNegotiator1531d ago

Yeah, I personally hate the beanie, too. Reminds me of old school punks and modern hipsters, which both suck.

Veneno1531d ago

I think that's the crowd they are appealing to with this character, young, high-school, college age crowd. thing is is that it's a turn-off for everyone else.

SilentNegotiator1531d ago

At least it doesn't have a brim. If the main character of a game had a brimmed beanie, well, I'd just have to not buy it out of principle.

ziggurcat1531d ago

actually, I would say the toque is more hipster circa 2006 - 2009 than old school punk (which, to me, is something along the lines of the sex pistols).

Utalkin2me1531d ago


Wow is all i can say....

Kal-V31531d ago

Do you people even know what GRUNGE is? How old are you kids? lol. It takes place in Seattle even. How in the hell does Delsin look like a hipster?

Bigpappy1531d ago

I would worry too much about the underwear. Its all in glorious 1080p. If they can get the frame rate to 60fps, then it will sell millions.

SilentNegotiator1531d ago

Who did you think I mean when I said old school punks?

Still trolling Infamous articles, I see.

fenome1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I'm an old school skater and his style doesn't bug me, his pants are kinda tight, but that's about it. Don't judge a book by its cover man, i used to rock a mohawk in the early 90s and I've got Trust Karma tattooed down my forearms :D

Wait a minute, Grunge isn't old school punk man, I just saw your reply to Kal. Lmmfao

That sh*t was on MTV! Hahaha

Kal-V31530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

High five to fenome about silent's reply. Ya beat me to it. :P

Off Topic....In all seriousness you folks should watch the movie HYPE!. Not only is it a great Grunge rock documentary but it will show you alot about the music scene of the early 90's
Soundgarden FTW

SilentNegotiator1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I didn't equate grunge to punk rock; the grunge followers/leaders WERE punks.

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1531d ago

Infamous is a boring repetitive game. The first one got so boring by the end that after I beat it, I didn't even care for the second. The graphics will be great, and yes.. of course the PS fanboy will love that. I don't see the story, missions or how you play this game to be any different that the first two.

Boring after a while.

fenome1530d ago

Of course you don't see, because you haven' played it yet. Lol

Then again, either have I so you could be right. Can't wait to find out though, I got that preorder on lock!

SniperControl1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

But in another article, you are bigging up Titanfall on the x1, a game that in gameplay terms is just another COD with slightly better graphics and of course the Xboys will love it.

"Boring after a while"


PaleMoonDeath1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

DmC's Dante is a douche.

Any character is a saint after witnessing that foul mouthed twit, Delsin's pretty cool, much cooler than Cole (He was one of the reasons I disliked InFamous) this new character was the first thing to captured my attention.

March, Hell yeah.

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fooltheman1531d ago

Hmm If you liked the old infamious games, you'll like this one...

That's the main conclusion.

Veneno1531d ago

but what if i liked inFamous 1 but not 2?

gobluesamg1531d ago

Then,no offense, but your nuts!

lex-10201530d ago

@gobluesmag & JasonRoseEh

He's not nuts. There were a lot of things I didn't like about 2. The Beast was rushed and anticlimactic, the two girls representing good and evil were both pointless and annoying, Cole's redesign was awful, your main power (the basic lighting bolt) used energy, the world was smaller, and the story didn't have that crazy twist at the end. I loved both games and have them both, but I have to say I liked the first more than the second.

fooltheman1530d ago

I liked the second infamous game, more the second time around.

The first time I was annoyed by the changes they made...but the second time I began to appreciate it for what I brought to the table.

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PaleMoonDeath1530d ago

Personally didn't get into either InFamous 1 or 2, I didn't like the cast that much, I know, I'm crazy right? No, game play was sweet, everything else wasn't for me.

This new setting and new characters got my interest, I'll be picking it up day 1.

Bonkerz1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Am i the only one that is a bit skeptical about this game? I am infact a PS4 guy although i will be getting an X1 soon, just because im a gamer, thats what i do. Idk about this though seems like i would get bored of it after the first days playing. Graphics also not sure if it was just videos but the graphics dont seem as amazing as expected either. Again i hope you guys dont destroy me with bashes but i just wanna see what you guy are thinking as well.

O and im going by the videos released this morning.

Agent20091531d ago

Perhaps it's a matter of your taste. For me, personally, the gameplay looks rather average; just a standard super-hero mechanics. Hopefully the characters, storyline, world and your impact on the society (if there will be any) will make it worthwhile.

Agent20091531d ago

OMG, anything said against a PS4 exlusive = bash!

MysticStrummer1531d ago

"OMG, anything said against a PS4 exlusive = bash!"

Why did you feel the need to say this? You gave your opinions and people disagreed.

Bennibop1531d ago

Just been looking through your comment history (all 6days of it) and you always start your comments reassuring everyone you own an X1 and a PS4 and then go on to say how rubbish the PS4 games are/look and how great X1 games look/are.

Stop your stealth trolling and grow up.

If you not interested in the game don't comment.

Bonkerz1531d ago

Not in anyway shape or form. Just informing the readers that i have a PS4 and will soon be getting an X1. Would you like me to take a picture of my PS4 with a sticker on it with my N4G name on it, to assure you that your wrong. It is obviously an opinion, which is why i asked for other opinions. Thanks for getting very butthurt and showing your loyalty to a product.

JoGam1531d ago

You actually looked through his comments? Funny either way.

Rainstorm811531d ago

I think u should post the picture just to prove him wrong =x

Bennibop1531d ago

@Bonkerz OK post a picture.

Its not butthurt, I am a gamer and own both consoles. I cannot praise or rubbish a game I have not played or seen running in person. But you seem to be able.

Look forward to seeing a pic of your ps4.

Unreal011531d ago

Well said Bennibop. I hate secret trolls.

ABizzel11531d ago


Considering it has been 2 hours I'm guessing you got your proof.

Bennibop1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

It would seem so! If a picture appears now it's going to be faked.

Stedron1531d ago

@Bennibop: Good eye dude

I didnt know it was possible to lose 2 bubbles in 6 days...

solidjun51531d ago

@stedron I think you start off with 3 bubbles. I'm not 100 % sure.

@Bennibob I agree. Stealth trolling usually starts off that way.

Kryptix1530d ago

He's not going to post anything and continue on his crusade of lying to himself also. I bet every day he closes his eyes and wishes he had a PS4. If he does post something now, it's already been too long so in other words, fake picture, fake person, basically another troll looking for attention because apparently, he's not getting enough from his parents.

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Jdoki1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Did you play the first two?

If yes then you'll probably know how bored you'll get playing this.

If no, then maybe you need to give it a chance. I'm not sure how bored you'll be as inFamous games have fairly interesting stories, and if #2 is any indication the game just gets bigger and bigger. Plus you unlock more and more powers as you progress, so there's plenty of incentive to try different styles and techniques.

Personally, I preferred inFamous 1 more than 2, but both are good games - I wouldn't say they are classics, but I am greatly looking forward to playing Second Son.

jukins1531d ago

Its not just you. Im eager to play this game but I've been saying for awhile that its basically gonna be a better looking infamous reskin. New setting new character but same gameplay mechanics and even the animations look the same. And based on this preview it seems the morality system seems the same black and white as before.

Before the disagrees understand that just because I think it will be more of the same with minor improvements I'm still looking forward to playing because I've enjoyed the infamous series. Just seems like ppl may be expecting a revolution.

serratos271531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I don't expect the story to be spectacular either. Honestly I'm just excited to finally have something not from PS Plus that I'll be able to get my hands on. The graphics look gorgeous that excites me the most, gameplay looks similar to other inFAMOUS games.

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Meltic1531d ago

i hope hes beanie is off in the game later on. Cant stand it lol

kingdom181531d ago

They could always make a DLC that would let you take it off. Although that seems like something silly to buy.