Don't Forget the Game

Jarrett from IP writes: "For those of us who have never had to play games where the only thing you do is run to the right, it’s hard to appreciate that sort of strictly motor skill-driven relationship with games. A need for stories, expositions, alien threats, love interests, that’s a fairly modern necessity, perpetuated by people who either never played older games, or are jaded by them. A necessity that may be more harmful than not."

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SavageKuma1501d ago

It is not that hard to explain because I go through the same situation, until they actually play the game and can't stop. Instead of saying guns, you just say there are cannons, which is true. Honestly the best way to describe Mario is a plumber who gets magical abilities to save a princess in trouble. lol Great post.

Jarrettjawn1501d ago

Thanks. I just find it funny that maybe 10 years ago, that sort of conversation never happened. People knew what Mario was about. Explaining it to people who don't is interesting, mostly because of how strange you sound saying it all out loud.

SavageKuma1501d ago

it is definitely true. Games have gotten a lot more complicated, but on the flip side. It was the same way trying to explain Mario to my parents when I was a kid.