Flappy Bird Creator Speaks Up, Addictiveness the reason for its Removal

The rise and the fall of this suddenly famous and hit mobile game Flappy Bird was way too fast. The game had reached number one place among free games on Android and iPhone stores and was making $50,000 in ad revenue when it was shockingly pulled down by its creator and developer, Dong Nguyen who single handedly made the game

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dale_denton1563d ago

now only if only Activision could do the same to COD

jon12341563d ago

this guy should get a Nobel prize! he single handily solved how to cure addiction!

lonelyplayer1563d ago

stop with this game already...

drizzom1562d ago

Unfortunately this is what gets regurgitated when the media desperately need something to sensationalize.

cellur1111563d ago

This game was so addictive i forgot to feed my kids!

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The story is too old to be commented.