Snoop Dogg is Not Really in Rayman Legends

Twinfinite writes, "A few months ago, Ubisoft gave gamers a real WTF moment with a trailer for the PS4/Xbox One versions of Rayman Legends, in which an excited Rayman proposed his game to the indefatigable Snoop Dogg (or should I be saying Lion?) only to actually bring him into the game as a Rayman style character.

What did this mean? Would there be a new Snoop Dogg rhythm stage? Would Dogg himself actually be a playable character? Well, according to a Q&A over on Playstation Blog, it was only a joke. A representative Ubisoft simply explained that Snoop Dogg’s sense of humor was in line with Rayman’s and it was only meant as a little joke in the end."

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afterMoth1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

What about Snoop Lion?

AnEwGuY1473d ago

Exactly....this news doesn't confirm anything. ;)

LOGICWINS1473d ago


Preorder cancelled!

MegaRay1473d ago

He is a legend. Period