'World of Tanks' interview: From PC to Xbox 360 to 'the best platform'

World of Tanks is undoubtedly one of the most successful free-to-play games in the history of the genre, and as it approaches it release on Xbox 360, the gaming industry waits patiently to see how a game like this one can perform on consoles.

Consoles are not just a different device for which developers can express their work and visions on, but for the most part, they have an entirely different group of consumers.

To discuss today's World of Tanks launch on Xbox 360, Examiner had the chance to speak exclusively with TJ Wagner, who is the executive producer and creative director of World of Tanks. We asked him about the user interface and how the menus have been blended into the console version of the game.

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Utalkin2me1559d ago

Nice way to add "Best platform" in the title, When actually the dev says "one of the best".

Thirty3Three1559d ago

Yup. Examiner's known for doing that kind of stuff (as well as their shitty website, holding oh, so, many ads.)

I downvote the site, itself, everytime...

Hicken1559d ago

The almost-clickbait almost got me.

VforVideogames1559d ago

Anyway I want this game. on my 360.

Einhert1559d ago

You would be better off waiting for War Thunder Tanks on the PS4

They are so much better to play than this russian biased piece of crap.