Why are developers so obsessed with Zombie games?

Yes Zombie games are regularly among the most enjoyable out there, but is there too many of them coming out at the moment?

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Benjaminkno1587d ago

Because gamers love zombies and Capcom and Ubisoft have been lazy.

Im pretty sure Walking Dead is the most watched show on TV. Red Dead and Left for Dead sold really well.

Why are we asking why developers are obseased w zombies?
Id be worried if they weren't.

Retroman1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

speak for yourself son
not everyone crazy about dead people walking around chewing off head,hack an slash your way through the game bloody. developers are OVER obessed with unnecessary zombie games and open world FPS military games time to give them a 5-10 year rest. these developer's only making money becuz you guys wont stop buying the crap they feed you only a PROGRAMMED fool continue buying it.

DEVIL WORSHIPER'S games illuminati got you guy's by the BALL's

NewMonday1587d ago

Because developers know consumers are Zombies themselves

Bionic_Simba1587d ago

Still think there's far too many Zombie games around, seems like lesser devs are trying to ride on the coat tails of RE, The Walking Dead etc

More Dinosaur games, that's what I wanna see.

Talidan1587d ago

Any kind of dinosaurs? Or do they have to be generally enemies, a la Turok?

I'm working on a game involving dinosaurs, but it might not be what you're looking for. It's a sidescroller...and there are rainbows... can't say much more than that.

SuperSquirrel1587d ago

I love Zombie games! Seems to be the one thing I never tire of. Can't really explain it.

I couldn't agree more though. Why did we go through the entirety of last gen without a good dino game!? Seeds of Evil was immense.

porkChop1587d ago

Because gamers seem to be obsessed with zombie games. You go with the money is.

Agent_hitman1587d ago

Because it's very exciting to play and there are tons of ideas when you're making a concept at first.

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The story is too old to be commented.