How The Last of Us: Left Behind overcame a false start

In a Polygon interview with creative director Neil Druckmann (below) and game director Bruce Straley, they talked about the many problems they had getting Riley just right.

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GribbleGrunger1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

I've been thinking about this but don't get your hopes up: ND have said they've included mechanics that they never had time to include in TLOU, so 'what if' those new mechanics now also carry over to the full game?! :)

Septic1436d ago

Polygon, of all people interviewing Neil Druckmann lol. I wonder how awkward that was.

Blastoise1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Well they're all professionals. I'm sure the guys at Naughty Dog aren't gonna flip the table up and be like "a seven point five?!!" lol

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Septic1436d ago

HahAh that emote is brilliant.

I wonder if the topic came up though.

kayoss1436d ago

I would have went to the interview with all the awards that was given to TLOU and a printed image of the score of 7.5 that Polygon gave to TLOU. When Polygon ask me any questions, I would just answer them by pointing at the Trophies.

Mr Pumblechook1436d ago

The Polygon website is sponsored by Microsoft, this is going to affect editorial and who is chosen to review which games - case in point the man who hates Sony and Killzone was chosen to review the PS4's launch exclusive!

In the first year they claimed $700,000 funded their crappy little making of video. But what did Microsoft fund in the next year? PARITY.

When there was the story about Tomb Raider Definitive edition debacle and every website was sharing their opinion about it guess how many articles Polygon wrote about it? NADA!

The Blezinski brother who part owns it has gone on record as saying why he thinks the Xbox is a superior brand to PlayStation and why he doesn't play PlayStation games. They are a MS mouthpiece website.

Kivespussi1436d ago

@Mr Pumblechook
True that. The guy who reviewed killzone shadow fall actually tweeted this
before the PS meeting where sony revealed PS4 and KZ:SF. This guy obviously didn't like the franchise so why make him the reviewer of the game?
And EVERY other gaming site made a big deal of PS4 getting better versions of games but not polygon. Coincidence? Hah. Those kind of stories just show that polygon is biased as hell. These are not the only times polygon pulls of crap like this so it's hard to take anything they say about MS and Sony seriously

curtis921436d ago

Really sounds like MS stopped paying off Poly doesn't it? First a super positive article saying March is the month of Infamous, then they're interviewing ND...

seppo911436d ago

MS probably told them to be more sneaky.
Im kidding Im kidding!

Mr Pumblechook1436d ago

Since launch Polygon has had some positive PlayStation articles. If it was all hate it would be obvious and they would lose all PS visitors.

kayoss1436d ago

Or the boss man told his little minions to stop doing crap like this and remind them that they are a Reveiwing company. If i was ND i would not give Polygon the time or day. I would not even send them a game for them to review, I would make them go buy it.