Flappy Bird Madness goes to Craigslist (So let's Troll them)

Ok now as someone who frequents Craigslist, has sold and purchased many items through CL, and also made many purchases and sales on eBay, I feel that this has to be addressed. The madness of this “stupid” little game has gotten out of control, and all this publicity has made people looking like the 1849 Gold Rush, but instead of making money, they are looking like idiots. So I decide to have some fun and troll them, and the results are shocking.

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LAWSON721499d ago

I kind of want to call people posting these and just troll them. I dont think I could keep a straight face. Imagine telling them lets meet 50-100 miles away and you dont show up lol.
May seem mean but I am not the one trying to rip someone off

strigoi8141499d ago

lol i wish there will be somebody who can make a youtube video prank for this kind of people..lolz

TechRaptor1499d ago

That...could be arranged. This was a really fun experiment.