Rayman Legends on PS4: Your questions answered

Senior Game Designer Emile Morel reveals all about how the acclaimed platformer is making the jump to PS4

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theXtReMe11399d ago

Nice read. I was wondering what the differences would be, as the game already looked phenomenal. Higher res textures, zero load times, remote play(but no second screen) and touchpad integration.

Pixel_Enemy1398d ago

Why even mention remote play? Most all games have it and Rayman Legends is already on vita. It should be a cross buy.

theXtReMe11398d ago

I mentioned remote play because a lot of people were under the impression that the game would have the same second screen play as the Wii U did. I was just clarifying for people who didn't read the entire article and wanted to know what the exact differences were.

Moncole1398d ago

If there are no loading times how will ypu get a heart befor the level?

Rockefellow1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

No offense, but all that crucial info about technical changes was released back when this game was announced for PS4. If you were curious as to what the changes were, you could have used Google and found dozens of articles instead of this lame blog post that asks about Rayman's lack of a girlfriend and Snoop Lion.

theXtReMe11398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

I'm sure it was, but my business keeps me so busy that I tend to miss quite a bit of news when it comes to gaming. This was news to me, as I'm sure it was a few people. I tend not to use Google or anything, because I figure if a game site is posting a new article that the news would be fairly new. I didn't realize that this info was already out there.

No harm, no foul.

MAULxx1398d ago

I'm going to get this.

Meltic1398d ago

Its right now 20$ in my store for preorder. Im gona get this and thief this months. Get me playing until next months release for infamous second son =)

Thefreeman0121398d ago

slightly disappointed that murphy wont be able to be controlled with touchpad

Rickgrimes951398d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if this was on ps plus in a month or two

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