Learning from the past: When will we see new PS4/Xbox One models? I Graph

GamePointsNow looks through history to see how other consoles have handled revised hardware

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lifeisgamesok1474d ago

With the PS4 already having heat problems crashing and gpu's starting to fail showing a grid like screen I don't see how they'll make it smaller

harrisk9541474d ago

What are you talking about? Nice trolling.

GamerXD1474d ago

Absolute troll indeed.

Infamous2981474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Xbone have problems too you know?? move on guys , just an ignorant troll.

Magicite1474d ago

is that your particular console your talking about?

Bennibop1474d ago

X1 needs it sooner rather than later, it is ugly as hell, oversized and has a separate powerbrick. So in 18months I think we will Microsoft jump first!

xJumpManx1474d ago

SonyMites seem to not get the power brick its s the gpu does nto overheat and produce checkerbox like the ps4 has been reported to do. Its like you guys and the controller give me a AA battery option over having to charge my 4 hours controller battery everytime I play a game.

Bennibop1474d ago

Don't have to charge my controller every 4 hours more like 8 -10 which is the same as I get out of my play and charge kit for X1. Also don't go spreading rubbish about PS4 overheating, the store where I work gets far more broken X1s than PS4.

xJumpManx1474d ago

That is special Bennibop but the reports on the net are about he ps4 over heating not the x1.

Regis1474d ago

I have both consoles with ample enough space to have proper airflow. The X1 gets hotter then my PS4.

harrisk9541474d ago

I don't think that we will ever see an internal powerbrick for the XB1.

xx4xx1474d ago

Seriously? Each console is the months old and this article is asking about new models already? Patience people. ... It's s marathon not a sprint

BlueCroup1474d ago

We're not asking for new models, we're just speculating about when they'll come as it's pretty much a given nowadays

Lou Ferrigno1474d ago

I definitely think the X1 will get it first, then maybe down the road, PS4.. But PS4 is already a small beast and light weight too.. So for Sony this time around will be much different I believe, when it comes to the Consoles SKU cycle..

But not for MS and the X1, just like the 360 and it's infamous RROD problems when it released.. It waits till after the console releases it and the consumer beta test it, to decide, to release a better/more manageable console.

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