Media Create hardware sales (2/3 - 2/9)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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Neonridr1617d ago

Everything is down except for the 3DS. Sales went up for the handheld from last week.

sherimae24131617d ago ShowReplies(3)
sherimae24131617d ago

why compare the 3ds lifetime sales to ps3? lol
even nintendo compares the 3ds sales to ds and also compare its performance to this year to last year in the same weeks

thats how you look into it, besides ps3 is a console and 3ds is handheld,
dont tell me ur one of those people who drag down the vita just to make the wii u look doing better? no?

Neonridr1617d ago

I was merely using that to show how successful the 3DS is in Japan. Not as a dig against the PS3 or anything. Everyone in Japan seems to love the 3DS and it sells like hotcakes, but you have to figure sooner or later the entire population of Japan will have a 3DS, so sales are going to have to stall eventually..

G20WLY1617d ago

Erm, no. The 360 had the biggest percentage increase this week.

26 last week, 194 this week.

Eat that 3DS! ;P

aceitman1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

how about we stop bashing each other and just look at the numbers ,any bad numbers is not good for gamers we dont want one console to monopolize on us then where screwed. and y disagree on Neonridr hes right 3ds is the only (hand held is what he said) one to go up look at the hand held numbers. gamer for life.

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stonecold31617d ago

just over few shorts weeks to go and ps4 launches in japan cant wait to see these numbers pick up for ps4 .

RPG_Lover1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Everything was terrible but 3DS this week. 3DS software sales also saved this week.

sherimae24131617d ago

oh, what have we here the delusional fanboy from last week
100k sales for 3ds? haha what laughing stock ur predictions is not even so close!

you always said evrything is terrible except the 3ds? why, because its in the first? lol
thank god ur just a fanboy you dont know what YoY is
because if u look at what really is happening the 3ds isnt selling at what is supposed to be...

Concertoine1617d ago

Give it up hes an insufferable troll, stop wasting time on him.

imXify1617d ago

Calm down. PS4 will do his daily mopping job :P

Sanquine901617d ago

Where are the 100 K Sales for 3DS? I think you spammed every vita article that the vita selling 20 K was nothing in comparison to the 100K 3DS will sell thanks to DQ! Well guess what i did not sell that well

RPG_Lover1617d ago

Yep, wrong on that. At least I can admit that. Vita is sinking back to where it was before.

Sanquine901617d ago

I don't think so mate. The Vita is selling better than the normal 3DS and if you noticed the sales of vita aren't so bad. All sales are down expect for 3DS thanks to DQ 2! Vita will stay strong thanks to enough support of Japanese developers.

3DS LL – 36,306
Vita – 16,951
3DS – 12,002
PS3 – 10,240
Wii U – 7,180
PSP – 2,948
Vita TV – 1,331
Xbox 360 – 194
For comparison’s sake, here are the hardware

numbers from last week:
3DS LL – 26,042
Vita – 20,457
PS3 – 14,100
3DS – 11,420
Wii U – 8,072
PSP – 3,366
Vita TV – 1,789
Xbox 360 – 26

WeAreLegion1617d ago

Not great, but I guess that's to be expected right now. Just a couple weeks until the PS4 launch!

pupa1617d ago

Soon everything would look extremely different!

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