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A full review of the popular AtGames Sega Genesis Classic Game Console that comes with over 80 games built-in, is capable of playing the original Genesis cartridges, and more.

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GamersHeaven1500d ago

That box brings back many memories :)

3-4-51500d ago

Missing a ton of gems that "comes with it", but if it plays regular carts to, it's all good.

Pretty good idea though, I loved my Sega Genesis.

Should have never sold it.

caseh1500d ago

Wonder if we will eventually see PlayStation or Xbox with X games released in the same fashion somewhere down the line.

Alduin1500d ago

This one is coming...what... 25 years after the console's release? So, yeah, we'll be waiting a while to see if the PS & Xbox get a similar device.

caseh1500d ago

Another year and 10 months and the PSX will be celebrating it's 20th birthday. :)

Technology to do it cheaply has been around for a while now.

skydragoonity1500d ago

I know what u mean, had this before my snes back in the days

qu1ckset1500d ago

They make a SNES one and it's a day one buy for me!

desertpunk861500d ago

i dont know about you but i was a nintendo fanboy back in the 90s.

Alduin1500d ago

Providing it'd come with decent games... hell yeah... shut up and take my money.

MWH1500d ago

no Sonic the Hedgehog 3?

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