Hearts of Iron IV has learned from CKII and EUIV | Gamereactor UK

GR-UK writes: "One area where Paradox Development Studio titles have really improved in recent years is in the presentation of information via their respective interfaces. Hearts of Iron IV looks like it'll follow its stablemates down the same path. Paradox's Dan Lind told us: "Now there's a lot more focus on having very good interfaces, so you don't have to struggle with them and pause too much. Basically just making really smooth interfaces without actually dumbing down the game or having to remove features."

"We have a lot of lessons from [Crusader Kings II] and [Europa Universalis IV] for that kind of stuff. I'm kind of hoping we can do that same thing for Hearts of Iron [IV] as we did for EUIII to EUIV, which is keep the same kind of interesting complexity and make the interface much better," Lind explained.

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Psychotica1533d ago

To bad they don't learn how to teach people to play. The only way I learn is by finding youtube videos and reading the forums which is not the way it should be.