PS4: Neat Trick for Voice Commands Without Headset

"Headset manufacturers don't want you to learn this one amazing trick."

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core_51615d ago

or you take the official camera

Crazyglues1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

or why wouldn't you just get this one, it's only 12.95 -

or use the free headset that came with your PS4.. LoL

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iiorestesii1615d ago

Head tracking in War Thunder is pretty cool. Plus the camera actually lets you hear the people chatting in your party, unlike this mic set up.

pheature1615d ago

no big deal.
im sure not many ppl use the voice comands anyway, i enjoy the pad, althou its a good gimick

Bennibop1615d ago

I find the voice commands really useful, especially in finding a digital copy of a game its much quicker!

jackanderson19851615d ago

haha available for $26...or you could just use the free mic that came in the box?

XtraTrstrL1615d ago

I have those Grip Its on my DS4s also. Hopefully it'll stop that early wear 'n tear people have been reporting. I also ordered 2 x 2000mAh DS4 replacement batteries from ebay. I'm still waiting for them, but hopefully they work and push the DS4 battery life from 5-6hours to over 10hrs. I put a 1200mAh in one of my DS3s and it seems to be working so far, haven't recharged yet, but it's been running for long.

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The story is too old to be commented.