Toukiden: The Age of Demons Review – A Demon Slaying RPG I The Koalition

Gustavo Flores of The Koalition writes:
Toukiden: The Age of Demons is an above average action game with some minor Role-Playing Game elements. These RPG elements though are not very flushed out, and lead to many of the weapons in each class feeling rather similar across the board. However, there are instances where each type of weapon does feel rather different, but they all remain rather clunky to wield at times.

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Sanquine901469d ago

That is the smallest review i have ever seen:P 6,5 is a bit harsh:S

Kamikaze1351469d ago

And this is how you miss out on a lot of great games. Don't let other people make your decisions for you. Reviews are great, but you're supposed to read it and figure out what makes the game good or bad. You don't just look at the score and assume what's been said.

3-4-51469d ago

Some of the most fun games I've ever played were games that were 5/10, 6/10, 7/10 type of games.

What it means is, there are certain things in this game that most likely will only appeal to a small group of people.

It did a few things good & a few bad.

IF your into these types of games it looks like it could appeal then.

stavrami-mk21469d ago

you should not game . you should go on a spirt quest ,once you find your ability to control your own mind and form an opinion on your own ,then and only then should you pick up a gamepad

worldwidegaming1469d ago

I actually READ the review.
The issues I was hoping the game would NOT have are evidently present. Several reviewers gave it a good score but neglected to talk much about the negatives.
Its very good to compare and contrast the reviews.
(This is something we all learned in school right?)

The game is clearly not a buy but maybe a rent.

I have seen plenty of games get 9s and even perfects but were clearly not worthy of said score.

When money is involved you really need to make a smart choice and that's why reviews are in place. Cars,TVs,bikes and many other things are previewed and reviewed. You would be a fool to just buy something because you saw videos and starting drinking the cool aid.
You should do some research to make sure you are buying what your paying for...

As for missing out? I really doubt it. I belong to no camp xbox,pc master race or ps nation! I game and if the game is good and worth the price its a buy!