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"Toukiden: The Age of Demons gives players a thrilling experience of hunting down enormous beasts and doing so with friends online or even through offline ad-hoc multiplayer while hanging out locally. When you add up the campaign and side missions, plus the fun to be had tackling tough bosses with your friends online and locally, Toukiden is one of those rare Vita titles you just can’t pass up." -BootHammer

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kraideral1398d ago

Awesome review! It looks really good in the screenshots! Will definitely check this out

BootHammer1398d ago

It's an amazing game. Fun, great visuals and a blast with friends. A must have for Vita owners!

karamsoul1398d ago

Yup. I agree. Great review and an even better game. We're having a great time with it as well!

BootHammer1398d ago

It's a blast solo or co-op!

Kamikaze1351398d ago

I just got this game last night and I'm having a blast with it :D

BootHammer1398d ago

I'm really glad they decided to bring it over after it took off in Japan.