MW4 is coming, and there’s no stopping it

CarlosX360 writes: "Last year, I listed the reasons why Modern Warfare 4 is coming. However, many people are either skeptical, or excited that the next Call of Duty title is possibly Modern Warfare 4. What is this year's Call of Duty? Is it Modern Warfare 4 or an entirely new sub-series, like Ghosts? All signs point towards Modern Warfare 4."

The N4G title is the sequel to the original "MW4 is coming."

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WilliamH1560d ago

Confirmed: Activision are out of ideas. Very sad indeed.

WickedLester1560d ago

Agreed but honestly I don't blame Activision. I blame all the "COD-Gobblers" out there that buy up ever single version of this tired franchise year after year after year, when it's basically the same game over and over. If people would "unplug" from this series for once, MAYBE Activision would be compelled to make something different.

memots1560d ago

yeah its sad.

My wife has a bunch of friends and they consider themselves gamers but all they do is buy Cod after Cod after Cod, I tried to get them to try Killzone but his answer was ... " i wouldn't know what to do"

they keep buying the same stuff over and over again because its something they understand and it requires no effort or learning on their part. ( aka casual )

LOGICWINS1560d ago

^^Why is it "sad"? If a person wants to play the same thing every year and they enjoy it, then thats on them.

SolidStoner1560d ago

they are kind of gamers.. just casual.. having fun.. hell why not? :) life's unfair I know! :D

cleft51560d ago

As messed up as this may sound, they don't need new ideas. They can just "borrow" other people ideas. Which is messed up, but in the end people will buy their game no matter what. CoD: Ghost is arguably the low point in the CoD franchise, and it still made a Billion dollars.

Naga1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

You know what would stop it? If people didn't buy it.

SteamPowered1560d ago

Maybe its time to step away from the 'modern' era. Maybe a futuristic spin or a revisit to past conflicts. Call of Duty:Vietnam?

dcj05241560d ago

I want both COD& BF to do a title in 2042.

NarooN1560d ago

Black Ops II did the future, and Black Ops 1 did Vietnam/Cold War.

We need something new. WWI? Korean War? Gulf War? SOMETHING.

But even then, they'd just screw it up anyway due to incompetence.

Apex131560d ago

If any of the next cods don't evolve and I keep getting that same crap monotonous game play and story flow then I'm done.

Ghost was so bad I didnt play the online more then 5 separate times and the main game I didn't even bother finishing.

Every cod follows the same routine and it's dead now.

EA's rubbish battlefield was more engaging

yezz1560d ago

Well, I'm surprised how long you are taking this rubbish. Everyone I know have been "done" since the pile of turd that is MW3 got released.. the first BO was still somewhat enjoyable.

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