Xbox One (Import) spotted in Delhi for RS. 52,000

iLLGaming writer Sahil Arora takes a trip to Palika Bazaar, a hub for goods of the grey market, and spots Xbox One consoles on sale, which hasn't officially been launched in India.

He also finds out that owners of PS4 are discontent with their purchase due to heating issues and unexpected shutdowns.

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lifeisgamesok1561d ago

PS4 probably won't last very long due to the heat on those internal components

pyramidshead1561d ago

"...said lifeisgamesok, in desperate hope.".

johndoe112111560d ago

Guy writes an article, gives no names of stores he visited, no names of people he spoke to, no name of repair shop that is "supposedly" fixing all these broken ps4's and speaks about a major issue that (based on his article) appears to be happening to most of the ps4's in india that no one has heard about or complained about anywhere on the web and expects us to believe it. Sounds legit.

P.S. Can anyone help me use a code breaker to see if Sahil Arora is really code for albert penello?

xHeavYx1560d ago

Well, you can't disclose names of people with imaginary PS4s

ddkshah1560d ago

OK so this guy is basically trying to move $1000 Xbox ones with a few hundred dollars in profit so he is basically making up this story to move a very highly profitable product.

PS4's are officially available in India at a fair price of ~$600 while this guy is selling imported ones at $1000 with a huge profit margin. $500+$100 shipping so he is making a $400 profit. Ofc he's going to bs about the ps4 so he can sell the higher profit xb1. I'm Indian and let me tell u corruption is rampant and he prob isn't paying custom duties either.

vishmarx1560d ago

stupid article.
xb1 isnt officially duh.
ps4 released way back and is probably doing well(there was an article if im not wrong).even if the imaginary problem is real,they'll be replaced by sony officially
he's probably snuck in few xb1s from someplace outside his country and wants profit from fooling idiots

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christrules00411561d ago

In a computer people overclock there parts all the time. The GPU can be at 70°C-75°C and when it hits 80-85°C it is very high. For the CPU for gaming it goes to about 70°C but doing other non intensive stuff it drops to 40°C and seeing how it's 2 tablet CPUs it won't be going that high. Most chances it has to do with thermal paste, a deffective fan on the CPU or GPU or people let dust settle on the PS4 so it can't blow the hot air out. Still 0.4 percent of people having problems is very common. There is always deffective parts for one reason or another.

christrules00411561d ago

I meant the gpu can be at 70°C to 75°C and still be perfectly fine.

sevilha821560d ago

Lol,nice try bro...

My Ps4 is turn up all day and is not even warm.
0.4 % is nothing.
There´s always some issues from defective parts but rare and thanks to an awesome brand support easylly replacebable.

I had three xbox 360 that broke down in a space of 4 years and a fat ps from 2007 that still works to this day you really wanna go thay way??

Fanboys have a tendecy to forget.

PeaSFor1560d ago

He's not your guy, buddy.

frostypants1560d ago

He's not your buddy, chief.

Dissidia1560d ago

He's not your pal, sport.

SmielmaN1560d ago

I agree buddy. I still have my PS3 fat 60g and it works but it gets loud now.

I also leave my PS4 on for almost the entire time I'm awake and it makes zero noise and I have no issues. Just checked it and it's cool. Meh, maybe flame bait article? Don't forget to vote for the site if u like it or not.

Also, love the South Park references. As a massive SP fan, and a Canadian, if find it hilarious! My Ps4 is just fine buddy, I don't know what this article is talking aboot! Lol

BLuTheSecond1560d ago

"Fanboys have a tendecy to forget."
Yes they do. It wasn't until the PS3 that Sony was able to finally make a console that was somewhat stable. Even then my 2006 launch day 60GB BC PS3 died on me in 2011.

ExtoVert1560d ago


U ruined the pattern. ........continued》》

He's not ur sport, homie

DOMination-1560d ago

Of course if you're in rainy England then this is hardly a great problem but in india where its quite warm overheating will be more frequent

Master-H1560d ago

He's not your homie, matie.

solidt121560d ago

He's not your mate chap

sevilha821560d ago

THe reply was for lifeisgamesok.

But i liked how it turned out.
Nice chain reply people =)


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AngelicIceDiamond1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

"When I asked about the general performance of the consoles, the big picture I got was that people weren’t really happy with the PS4. “Don’t buy the PS4, it has heating issues, and sometimes it shuts down on its own while you’re playing a game."

I wanna know who these ppl are. Everyone that I know has no issues with heating issues on PS4. Nor have I read in such a thing.

Not to sweep it under the rug but these are a small minority it seems. Can't take their word on this.

I'll be weary of the supposed issue nonetheless.

Not to completely sweep this under the rug however.

But this rumor doesn't seem legit to me.

JohnPombrio1560d ago

A lot of people found that they would get the BLOD after the PS4 was running for a while. That was a BIG issue when the console first came out and Amazon reviews are still bitching about their PS4's freezing, stuttering, loud fans, and BLOD. I wish I had one to tear apart and do a thermal study of the console.

GentlemenRUs1560d ago

What overheating issues?

India can get very hot at times so blame that weather and not the console... Trolls pfft...

OrangePowerz1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

I would keep in mind that the bigger cities in India suffer from heavy air polution. That can impact ventilation, just look at PC venrs that of a PC that is in the same room as a smoker and you will see what that little polution alone can do. That combined with high external temperatures isn't good for devices.

KwietStorm1560d ago

lmao give it a rest man. life is just a game, ok?

Whiskeyjacked871560d ago

One bubble and still with the nonsensical comments. I learned when I lost a bubble. You are so ridiculously bitter it's silly. This article will help you sleep at night but the sales charts will turn your dreams to nightmares!

KingDadXVI1560d ago

I am not saying that these issues are real but the compact design of the PS4 and an internal power supply will most definitely create high temperatures and there have certainly been a small number of over heating complaints.

Here's a quote from an article that tested the heat externally with a FLIR camera. I will also provide the link.

"After 30 minutes of play, the top registers 45.5°C at its peak, while the bottom clocks in at 49.4°C. Finally, a measurement is taken of the vents, which come in at 61.6°C."

For those that are not familiar with the metric system 61.6°C equals 142.9°F. As a computer engineer I can tell you that having 61.6°C or 142.9°F as the air temperature for your exhaust is high. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The link provides zero data on the temperature of the SOC or power supply. In all likelihood the cause for this high exhaust temp is the power supply.

The primary concern that I would have is more of a long term stability of the system. The SOC may not be hot on its own but its ability to shed heat is reduced by having a high internal air temperature. Couple that with high humidity and/or ambient room temperature you could have issues over extended periods.

It is really too early to tell if this will be a major issue as most of the thermal problems experienced would be cumulative.

No need to panic at this point.

Eddie201011560d ago Show
XabiDaChosenOne1560d ago

I love when trolls who try and come off as unbias finally collapse and give in when they realize their console of choice has a bleak future lol.

jessupj1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

Well I live in Australia and it's a blistering summer right now. I don't have air con either.

During my 2 week break I was playing my PS4 all day and well into the night.

Had no problems what so ever. I even went up to the console to feel it regularly and it was only just warm.

I think Sony designed an amazing product.

ground_beef1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Retailers in 3rd world and corrupt countries lie all the time, I remember when I was going to buy a ps3 when it was newly released in Kuwait, the retailer was out of stock. Apparently he had Wii and xbox360 in stock. So I was about to walk out to go to another shop when he stopped me and tried to persuade me to buy a Wii, now cause I already know their tricks I refused. The thing is he was tryin to sell me a Wii not even a 360 cause at that time nobody was buyin Wii in Kuwait. He was pretty sure that 360 was easy to sell but not Wii.

He started making all these theories about how Wii is better than both, lool. I just told him that he should say this to a foreigner or tourist, but not to me. He just laughed and told me he's gonna notify me when the ps3 is in stock again. He even gave me a good offer at that time, as he finally drew the conclusion that am not a gullible foreigner who doesn't know how shit goes down. Happens all the time in these countries, and not just when it comes to gaming, it happens on all consumer products.

Why n4g chose to even post this I have no clue, but I think they don't know how it is in these countries, so they have their excuse I guess.

I have 2 friends with a ps4 and they have about 15-20 ps4 player friend lists, most from countries like India, Kuwait, Saudi, Egypt etc none of my friends or their friends on the list complain about ps4.

Anyways Xbox one is a great system, so is ps4 it's just about personal prefernce in the end.

(P.s even if the consoles were broken, all you have to do is contact Sony, they'll either fix it or give u a new one)

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XiSasukeUchiha1561d ago

Kind of sad that these heat problems only affects 0.4% of PS4 owners

imt5581560d ago

And you believe that guy Palika?

milehighshooter1560d ago

i got 2 bad units from best buy the first one i got replaced the same day the 2nd one got it 9 days later good thing i got the geek squad protection and I'm not a TROLL look at my trophies and achievement i own both the ps4 & xbox one also the ps3 xbox 360 and the wii u

SmielmaN1560d ago

Wow, that blows. Is it in a unventilated cabinet or something? Or lots of dust issues?

Benjaminkno1561d ago

I love the fanboyism...

This article really draws them out of the woodwork.

Drama and politics..

jessupj1560d ago

You wanna see fanboyism?

Just look at the next multiplat comparison and watch the unbelievable denial and butthurtness.

It's quite a sight to behold.

RoboticusRex1560d ago

Yes, fine news. Don't buy the cheaper option says the Indian shop owner. I wonder if that is a sales tactic to move a more costly item. If not where are all the other articles about this "problem"?

DryBoneKoopa851560d ago

I just noticed my PS4 got REALLY hot the other day. Got worried real quick cause I have only had it for like three days... Hope this is not a growing issue.

truefan11560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

Well when you put all those working parts in a very compact design, high internal temperatures had to be expected. Sony making the ps4 have an internal power supply was a pretty bad decision, especially after the last gen with RROD and YLOD. As much as ps4 fans want to sweep this under the rug, I think this problem will persist, hopefully it doesn't though. There is a reason most gaming pc's have big cases with tons of cooling.

pyramidshead1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

"Sony making the ps4 have an internal power supply was a pretty bad decision"

No it wasn't, let's see that electronics engineering masters you seem to insinuate you have.

PS3s was internal and never had such a wide spread problem as the 360.

also you're quite persistent with your fake 'neutral' concern trolling btw.

KwietStorm1560d ago

It isn't a problem until it's a problem, even though some want that to be sooner than later. PS3 didn't have any overheating problem. Yes, a percentage of users did, but that's just how things work. It's no different with PS4. We're not talking some widespread issue.

FunAndGun1560d ago

Yes, I am sure a troll on N4G with one bubble knows more about engineering electronics than people with actual degrees and real world applications. /s

please, just take a break already.

Unreal011560d ago

Ergh, I was waiting for truefan to crop up haha.

rainslacker1560d ago

At what point do obvious blatant trolls who can never offer anything meaningful actually get a ban on here?

To respond to your idiotic post, my cell phone gets hotter to the touch with only 5 minutes of use than my PS4. Like the PS4 though, it would turn off if the internal temperature got too high, just like every other piece of electronics built in the last 5 years.

Every PS to date has had an internal power supply. The supply has it's own ventilation, is kept away from the CPU/GPU, and to date, there has NEVER been a widespread heating problem with any PS system. When some PS3's overheated it was due to restricted ventilation due to the original design, but even then it had other environmental factors.

In any case. If you can touch the system and keep your hand there without being in immense burn pain, it's not too hot. So try again. Or don't, because you always fail.

sevilha821560d ago

You again...

Ok Xbot,this is coming from someone that posessed both sistems for the true love of gaming,not Fanboyism.

I had three Xbox 360,THREE.

Because they are a known faulty piece of hardware.
Tactics used by a greedy corp to get as much profit as possible.

in the last two years or so my Xbox just stood there why?Because i had no games to play,(exclusives )besides the brands they insist in maintain(HAlo 4 was nice but defeanetlly the worst in the series).

The playstation that i posesse is the same from 2007 to this day,Why?
Because thy are well built,i will not deny the ylod problems,they exist, two of my friend experienced it but it´s nowhere near the numbers of the previous xbox RRod´s situations,and the Ylod is a sinptom of older fat playstations that took years to suffer from it,Hundreds of
hours of being turned on.

Know hear this, i intend to have an XboxOne in the future, i really do,just like i had an Xbox360 in the past,but as long they still are (at the time being)behind their main contender in all aspects of gaming(i infasize in the gaming because i want to game)not watch tv.they will not see my money.They are behind in all aspect at the time being,hardware,software,games, exclusives,services(plus).
So wake up,take off the t-shirt and realize they are not on top anymore,besides it´s only a toy,dont swear alligience to toy,it look weird...

Just saying.


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rainslacker1560d ago

Probably no need to be worried. The main chips are rated to work at around 70 degrees Celsius(range is like 70-80 I think), which is around 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The system would shut off before it got too hot. 160 degrees and it would be hot enough to burn you.