Fez video shows PS4 version, runs at 1080p and 60 frames per second

Fez has been shown running on PS4 in a new video.

The eight minutes of gameplay shows the opening area of the exploration platformer running on Sony's next-generation console.

In the comments, programmer Renaud Bédard confirmed it will be running at a full 1080p and 60 frames per second, the highest framerate of any console edition to date.

"To be clear : the Xbox 360 version was 720p60," he said. "The Vita version is native res and running as fast as it can push pixels. The PS3 version is 720p60. The PS4 version is 1080p60."

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Yi-Long1534d ago

Cool, but TBH Fez isn't really a game that 'needs' 60fps IMHO. It's a relatively slow puzzle-platformer, and a great one at that, and it's fantastic news that it will be coming to PS4... but honestly, the 1080p and the 60 fps won't really change much in terms of graphics or gameplay.

And there's nothing wrong with that.

I'd love to see games like Super Meat Boy and Trials Evolution come out in 1080p and 60fps for PS4 though.

Charybdis1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Is this a simple remake of the ps3 version or does it has additional content

Oh_Yeah1533d ago

No...all games play and look better at 60 fps. Experience pc gaming, then come back with your opinion.

Retard1533d ago

I'm pretty sure Game Cube could run that beast game fine too.

aceitman1533d ago

but on my 65 inch screen i can see the sharpness in detail. it makes my gaming experience so much better

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XiSasukeUchiha1534d ago

Fez 1080p at 60fps on PS4 as expected!

Agent20091533d ago

I would be totally shocked if a platformer was running on something lowert than 1080/60 on a "next-gen" console.

mixelon1534d ago

i really hope Phil Fish is secretly working on more stuff, maybe under a pen name.. Fez deserved its sequel. :(

Eonjay1534d ago

This game actually looks great running on PS4. Check out the video on the page.

Dannycr1534d ago

I wouldn't buy it anyway. I will not give Phil Fish my money

GribbleGrunger1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Can I ask why? Here's a man who worked his fingers to the bone trying to create a game more or less by himself, had nothing but problems getting his patch onto LIVE and got nothing but hateful tweets from ignorant gamers and the press. I will buy this game just to support Phil Fish.

Ace Killa 081533d ago

The dude didn't really support his fanbase. He stated that a patch was made, however when MS lowered their standard or made it easier to patch arcade games he didn't have one ready. Nor did he plan on making one.

The fans were given a huge middle finger and then the twitter rant happen with the other dude in GTTV and canceled everything leaving us SOL. And now he comes back to the PS4 ?? Fish ruined his own image and this does not look like he intents to get back in the market for Fez2 or another game. feels like get rich quick attempt.

Ace Killa 081533d ago

Then again I do not know if this game has Fish involved or just a programmer that works with him.

sprinterboy1533d ago


Watch the gaming documentary and you will have your answer

Dannycr1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

There's PLENTY more indie devs who had to go through similar stuff or worse, yet they were professional enough to keep cool under the pressure.

This is not about his answers to the hateful comments, but he also made pretty arrogant remarks to people who looked up to him (like when the asian kid who barely spoke english asked him about Japanese games).

This is someone I wouldn't want to keep having to listen to because most of what he says is just destructive criticism. You always have to be passionate about your work, but you have to never forget about being professional as well.

MEsoJD1533d ago

The guy's a douchebag and won't be receiving a penny from me. I don't care how good his game is.

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