Video Games Live confirms UK dates, tickets on sale this week

Video Games Live will return to the UK after a six-year absence, it has been announced.

The multi-media video game concert is coming to the Manchester O2 Apollo on November 1, followed by a show at the London Apollo in Hammersmith on November 2.

Organisers have put together a brand new show, featuring music from games such as Pokemon, Street Fighter 2, MegaMan, Shadow of the Colossus, Skyrim, Destiny, Silent Hill and Super Smash Bros.

Music from franchises such as Castlevania, Final Fantasy, Mario, Zelda and Warcraft will also be played.

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spritelike1471d ago

Six years?! It's never been six years! Wow! I feel old. It was amazing when we saw it, gutted they're only doing the two shows!

Jdoki1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Yeah, I saw it in London 6 years ago as well. Was a pretty awesome evening.

Thing I remember most (other than the music and video) was before it started seeing just about everyone there pulling out their DS' and using the local whiteboard / chat functionality to send drawings of dicks and boobs. Immature and did nothing to break the video gamer nerd stereotype... but quite funny.

spritelike1471d ago

We saw them in Cardiff, we dressed up and everything. Then when they called everyone who had dressed up to the stage we saw this group of men dressed as Splicers and they looked so good we just thought 'nope, we ain't gonna beat that.'

The music was good too lol :P