Insider On Titanfall Exclusivity, Xbox 360 Port & How It Will Inspire Next Call of Duty

The hype is heating up with Titanfall, with Respawn Entertainment announcing the beta for February 14th on the Xbox One and PC.

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Mr Pumblechook1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Titanfall does look like it could be fun but I don't believe all the hype that this could be a game changer for the Xbone. Microsoft paid a lot of money for exclusivity so I see why they are hyping it in every single official post including their firmware post! FOR ME I don't like the idea that it's missing a single player campaign because no matter how good a PvP battle is sometimes I want to take a break from the mum insults and just get on explore a game world.

But if the hype and those 'incentivised' fan reviews on YouTube ;) end up influencing me me I will buy it for my 360 which means I can experience it for the cost of a regular game. No doubt it will look better on the Xbone but rumour is they will both be around the 720p mark. I don't think this is the game to make me throw down £430 just to play it.

Dumb_username1622d ago

There are more single player games out there. this is a game that are meant for online junkies.

malokevi1622d ago

Like me :) and many of my fellow Xbox brethren.

Games like Titanfall give me more value for my dollar. Games like Infamous and The Order, without any multiplayer component, simply dont cut it.

Microsoft knows it's fanbase is partial to online experiences, and caters to that demand. Sony knows it's fanbase is more partial to single player story-driven adventures, and does likewise. I've got both consoles, but as an online gamer I know Microsoft will deliver for me. Luckily Sony has got Planetside 2 coming to the PS4.

UncleGermrod1622d ago

There is much more than just resolution to be talked about and you know should be 1080 yes, but if not that doesn't mean the game can't look much better still.

Anyways, just because you are not amped for it does not mean the hype isn't real. I always love when people comment as if their single opinion is the way we should all feel.

When the next one goes muiltiplat all the bitter fanboys can stop the nonsense.

Also, while I love a good campaign, I think it is clear that it would have taken a back seat during development and I'm glad they are focused on what is important for that game. The Order has been confirmed to have no multiplayer, and I am still excited for that. Some games just don't both modes. These types of games can get by without a campaign, and the story driven mp should be interesting.

trywizardo1621d ago

did sony paid you to be a butthurt about titanfall !!! cause 99% of sites love it only one site didn't (nowgamer) and it got more attention on this site more than the positive news surprise surprise
anyhow this site is filled with sony butthurts like you , so whatever you say just try to keep it to yourself cause this game is happening and so far its the best MP game since MW1 ...

Tedakin1622d ago

BLOPS3 will basically be Titanfall. F those Call of Duty whores.

Mikelarry1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

personally i think titan fall will do what gears did for the 360, and i know sony fans (i own a ps4) don't want to hear this but if this lives up to the hype forget ever getting it on ps4 MS will lock that ish up case in point the gears IP which they just bought

Septic1622d ago

I doubt it. Respawn and EA don't want to be tied down to a single platform. I will be SHOCKED if Titanfall 2 is not on PS4.

Mikelarry1622d ago

Respawn.... ill give you that one, EA they go where ever the money is, EA could have gone multi-platform from the get go why didn't they please don't tell me you believe all that PR " because of the cloud business they were spouting. MS have the cash and they are willing to spend it to lock this title on their platform EA knows this and will milk MS for that cash.

Tedakin1622d ago

If EA didn't want to be tied down to one platform, why did they sign that deal?

Irishguy951622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

They thought MS would come out on top
The deal was signed for money.

Now that Ps4 has somewhat obliterated X1 in sales, EA won't be missing out again. Unless MS wants to pay more than exclusivity is worth

DeathOfTheFanBoy1622d ago

@Septic, you puzzle me? have you missed the fact that EA DID sign a deal to be tied down???
MS, will make sure this is exclusive for the lifetime of this console cycle, if it looks to be shifting a pre determined number of boxes, this is business, nothing else and MS has the financial clout to make it so.

Mikelarry1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

@ irish

i don't think that was how they were thinking because before TF platforms were announced there was already a trend on the net that the ps4 was going to win this gen with every social media and site posting charts of users choosing the ps4 over the xbox one it had more to do with ALOT of cash which MS must have paid them. it does make you wonder how much MS did pay for EA to miss out on the millions they would have made if they went multi from the get go


whitefang19881622d ago

Yes the life time of the console for the FIRST game, nobody is arguing that EA confirmed it. They also confirmed that only the first game has that deal. So its basically where will they make the most money next, multlatform? Or MS paycheck? Its just numbers for EA nothing more.

KingDadXVI1622d ago

I have a couple of thoughts on that.

First the IP belongs to Respawn not EA. They did sign an agreement with EA to publish the first installment and thus EA got to decide which consoles it was going to come out on. That being said Respawn was the one that decided that the game was a launch exclusive for MS. That was in fact due to the dedicated servers offered by MS. That was announced well before Respawn found out that the game was going to be completely exclusive to MS. By that point MS realized they had a tiger by the tail and ponied up some cash to EA to make the game fully exclusive (fan boys can disagree but those are the facts stated by both Respawn and EA).

Secondly fan boy's feelings don't count in business/money decisions. If this game turns into another COD, Halo, or Gears you can bet your bottom dollar that MS will put a considerable amount of money toward making it completely exclusive. It really all depends on how much money the game can generate for them if it is exclusive versus it being multiplatform. It won't be about pride or any nonsense like that. It will be about money plain and simple. Any pressure from Sony to get future installments of this game will be for the same reason, money.

Thirdly, Respawn, as far as we are aware do not have to stick to EA for the next version of Titanfall. If that is true then they can go with another publisher which gives MS the opportunity to deal with them directly as opposed to EA. With that being said Respawn will be in a very enviable position for TitanFall 2. They will basically have a line up of suitors offering money and services.

To summarize; whether the next TitanFall ends up on the PS4 will depend on whether Sony is willing to offer dedicated server support on the scale that MS is offering, whether Sony is willing and able to put up the cash incentive for Respawn to code for their console, and whether MS sees this title as important enough to their success to pay to keep it exclusive.

MS and Phil Spencer are really focusing this time around on building a catalogue of unique titles that will diffentiate the Xbox One and to a larger extent anything MS from its competitors and ensure that it has must have titles you can only play on their systems.

There will be a huge incentive for MS to lock down this IP provided there is a good return on the investment.

I am not saying that it won't end up on the PS4 I am just saying that it will be a business decision. A good example is Gears of War. It would have sold more copies if it went multiplatform but MS was willing to pay the money to keep it exclusive.

It is also very telling that Phil Spencer has been quoted as saying he wishes that MS Studios had published TitanFall. I don't think that they knew how big of a deal the game was going to be until E3. Now they know and if the game turns into a must have game they may very well pull out that big fat MS cheque book.

Time will tell.

Kribwalker1622d ago


Respawn and EA have an exclusive publishing contract for all future games

They won't be able to go anywhere else unless EA terminates the contract

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Information Minister1622d ago

Gears was published by Microsoft, Titanfall isn't. The situation for Titanfall has more similarities with Bioshock and Mass Effect than it has with Gears of War.

I still remember people on the internet being absolutely 100% positive that Bioshock would never be on PS3.

chrisarsenalsavart1622d ago

EA didn,t mind to make the first one exclusive for the simple reason that the install base on ps4 is not big enough yet to harm them profit wise so I assume whatever Microsoft paid was a good deal for now but won,t be coming next year when ps4 will be like 15 million and x1 10 million.

Mr Pumblechook1622d ago

@Mikelarry What Zampella's surprise at the Titanfall 1 Xbox exclusivity deal shows is that Respawn did not have a say on what platforms their game is published on, this suggests that if Microsoft & EA want the next one to be exclusive it could happen again with the sequels.

How this deal (probably) works is that Microsoft paid EA a monetary amount that more than covered the possible lifetime sales of Titanfall 1 on PS3 and PS4.

If you think back to the time of the Gears of War 3 release there was by then a massive PS3 install base perhaps more than 50 million globally. If Epic released it on PS3 it would have sold but because Microsoft saw it as so important they paid to keep it exclusive. If Microsoft deem Titanfall important enough to help the Xbone they will do it again. Microsoft have deep pockets. Titanfall 2 as an Xbox exclusive is definitely possible.

Mikelarry1622d ago

Exactly my point MS have got that money and with the way most media outlet are hyping this up it would be crazy not to think of the possibility of this stay exclusive to xbox one. my comment was just to ps4 owners who want to play this game not be shocked when/if this happens

Septic1622d ago

Not going to happen. Respawn may have suffered from the inequality in bargaining power with Titanfall now seeing as they are a new studio, but watch how TF2 comes out on PS4.

If it doesn't, I will dance like Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel Air for all of you with a banana skin on my head.

Mikelarry1622d ago

lol i will favorite this post to remind you of your bet

Septic1622d ago

Lol do it. My body is ready!

brich2331622d ago

Yup, and Microsoft is not afraid to use thier $$$$$. And we know EA wants lots of $$$$. I think it will eventually be on PS4.

Kribwalker1622d ago

And $$$$$ is greater then $$$$. Sounds like it might work

truefan11622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Exactly, MSFT will do all it can to lock Titanfall up, if it proves to be successful. I laugh becuase we have ps4 fans once again debating about it going to ps4 in a few years, I'm convinced they want the game, but just don't want to admit it. There is a reason Respawn went to MSFT first, shooters and online gaming flourishes on xbox consoles. Also do you truly believe Vance Zampella didn't know about the deal EA made with MSFT, if you believe that you are foolish. In the world of business the present value of guaranteed money is better than future money based off projections. In that youtube video, Respawn talked about how they worked in a busted building with limited resources, do you really think they are worrying about ps4 fans when MSFT says here is $150 million for you and EA to split. There is no guarantee how the game will sell, but that $150 million was. Respawn new about the deal,but they would rather EA continue to be the bad guy.

PS don't think for one second Respawn hasn't noticed all the negative feedback from ps4 fans, they are always on social media. Why would they want to take a 6v6, COD with mech game to ps4, when the fanbase doesn't want it. That second even fatter guaranteed check will look even better.

HaveAsandwich1621d ago

as long as its on pc, who cares.

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DarkLord10031622d ago

I'd be surprised to see the first titanfall on ps4. Perhaps it's going to be like mass effect where the first Part was the last one to be released on the ps3

Potnoodle9991622d ago

Doubt it as its multiplayer only, I definitely see 2 coming to ps4 (come on, its EA were talking about), but as there wont be much of a story to follow, 1 will never be released on ps4
I'm not too fussed either way, titanfall has never looked interesting to me :)

DJustinUNCHAIND1622d ago

MS has bottomless pockets.

If the game boosts Xbox One sales, they are going to make it rain over Vince Zampella.

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