GameStop UK selling PlayStation 4 for £20 off RRP

The online arm of GameStop UK is now selling PlayStation 4 consoles for £329.97 - a tidy £20 saving off of the console's usual retail price.

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BoneBone1587d ago

Bomba? Still far too expensive. The one in the picture looks much better than the bog standard black unit.

FlunkinMonkey1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

And this second account looks no better than the one bubble, bog standard, back catalogue of multiple accounts, 'Mr BoneBone'.

Septic1587d ago

Great deal but I thought these were sold out? Any chance of getting your hands on one will be slimmer now though.

jackanderson19851587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

i know this news is relating to the UK but in Ireland they caught up with demand the first week of january i think... so they could be padding the UK stock with Irish stock since we seem to be conjoined when it comes to the video game stock

Kayant1587d ago

Apparently it's always been this price -->

It looks like it's just a conversion thing which would explain what jackanderson said about demand.

Still a great deal nonetheless.

jcnba281587d ago

They've been in stock in the UK and Ireland now for the last 3 weeks.

chrisarsenalsavart1587d ago

Tell me where? Cause as sure as he'll they re not in stock in London.
That I can guarantee you.

Septic1587d ago


You can get them in Argos easily.

Visiblemarc1587d ago

Yeah, I hate this kind of thing.

For example, I'm offering gold bricks for only $10 (only catch being I have no stock).

Don't offer sales on things if you don't have supplies.

green1587d ago

You can walk into HMV and GAME and purchase a PS4. It has been that way all year. Purchased one last month without pre ordering.

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Tidybrutes1587d ago

Is a good marketing idea, now due to this GameStop UK is being mentioned on a fair few gaming webistes and seen a few posts about it on Facebook this morning too.

For new stuff Ive only used Shopto for that long I forgot Gamestop UK was even a thing anymore LOL

chrisarsenalsavart1587d ago

I don,t know where you guys live but in London is a real nightmare to find one

Chris121587d ago

Why would you go searching for a console when they are freely available online. Gameseek have had stock for weeks now.

green1587d ago

Oxford Street GAME and HMV have them in stock.

SliceOfTruth8881587d ago

OMG this is a sign of desperation!....o wait ps4??? Brilliant strategy!! - Sony fanboy

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