Will a LEGO Marvel vs DC Game Happen? LEGO Marvel Superheroes Director Answers

games™ sat down with Arthur Parsons, Director of Marvel Lego Superheroes, to talk about how the game ties in with Marvel’s cinematic universe, and the possibility of a Marvel Vs. DC Lego game.

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pheature1473d ago

omg my wean would love this ...
he loves the marvel game now, we have every caracter and 100% completed.
even thou i played most of it for him but hes 5 and he loves it.
this would be great for us as its good bonding as he love its

please do this

Veneno1472d ago

Disney should just buy DC lolz.

E2S1473d ago

The comics themselves won't even do crossovers because of old bad blood between publishers. But things have cooled off considerably in the last 5 years or so. And if anything could bring them together, it may very well be Lego.

pheature1473d ago

yes on a console/consoles..
everyone is a winner, them making profit and everyone will be happy

InTheLab1473d ago

Not really. Marvel takes a shot at DC at every opportunity. The most recent I believe was Spider Oc dropping a dude on a spotlight with a spider signal and saying it's the dumbest idea in history. lol. I don't think it's cooled off at all...especially with the nonstop copying Marvel does.

I think the old Access comics was the last time we'll see them collaborating unless Disney does what they should do and buys DC from WB who have no idea what to do other than animated moves and Lego games.

pheature1473d ago

i just read in the years to come at the end of the article. lets hope its not years because then he will be older and will want to play it himself as i love playing it to, and he wouldnt let me then lol

ironfist921473d ago

Would be interesting. Maybe have a portal rip between the two universes, and so Avengers and Co fight DC villains, while Justice League and Co fight Marvel villains.

Rodney251472d ago

How about a none lego marvel vs DC game.

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