[MWEB GameZone Review]: Final Fantasy VI - Your beauty has captivated me

MWEB GameZone reviews FFVI for Android gaming devices, an RPG of old that has the same epic storyline, tactical combat and brilliant music, yet somehow manages to actually look and feel out of place because of the graphical upgrades.

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HanCilliers1434d ago

So bad that it took 8 days to fix that glitch. But overall, seems that it's definitely worth playing on mobile. Great review

Sillicur1434d ago

Thank you, the glitch was very bad, wonder if they ever tested it before release.

Choc_Salties1434d ago

at that price? no thanks, I'll stick to my GTA:SA on mobile...

Sillicur1434d ago

The price is high yeh, but 40-50 hours of actual gameplay and story is relatively large.