New Dark Souls II Screenshots

Namco Bandai and From Software have released a new batch of screenshots of Dark Souls II showing the character creation and some of the classes.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1621d ago

Twelfth screenshot: Ballerina Rats Confirmed.......

Milruka1621d ago

Oh wow, haha, that looks so bad.

And people really believed the bullshots and "target" renders they had been posting.

ALICE6661621d ago

They do look pretty terrible.. some of those shots look like PS2 era graphics...

NiteX1621d ago

Hey at least you can tell who's what gender now! Before all the men and women were identical except for the chesticles of course.

AsimLeonheart1621d ago

The game does not looks very good even for current gen... What is up with that? It is 2014 after all.

KonsoruMasuta1621d ago

The game isn't on current gen. It's on last gen consoles.

AsimLeonheart1621d ago

I was saying current gen in the sense that the PS4/Xbone are next-gen. But yeah, it can called last gen by now...

LAWSON721621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

A popular Youtuber,VaatiVidya said the game looks pretty good and considering he has played the PC version of Dark Souls modded I doubt it looks to bad. The videos I watched on his channel all looked pretty good(high quality considering they were 1080p above native 720p). I highly suggest those who think the visuals are poor check out his channel.

The game is not about graphics anyway and if you think it is you have been on the wrong platform all last gen and even this one.

Tainted Gene1620d ago

great post. Vaatividya videos are awesome

Enyxodin1621d ago

haha this and deep down looks worse and worse everytime I see it. Dark souls 1 looked better... why are people even considering to buy it in the first place? All games made by the japanese are crap compared to western games!

Enyxodin1620d ago

Wow. It was just MY opinion, no need calling me or anyone a clown for expressing an opinion! I knew there would be people not agreeing with me because I expressed an opinion by being honest. No need for calling anybody a clown for that! ;-)

LAWSON721621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Maybe in your opinion I have pretty much been exclusive to PS3 JRPGs for the past 4 months. They are so refreshing because they are not shooters and hand holding linear experiences. They have depth and they actually take time to master.

Enyxodin1620d ago

Maybe so but the awful artistic style of japanese games gives away my anticipation for it.

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