How Sledgehammer Can Restore The Call of Duty Franchise To Greatness

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece on what Sledgehammer can do to resture the luster to the Call of Duty franchise and how they need to act now to regain the momentum they lost with Ghosts.

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Garethvk1592d ago

That is a great point as well. Extinction was a nice attempt to give us some variation on the extra content, but the Zombies are where it is at. I would like to see a campaign type of some kind rather than just wave after wave coming at us again.

ezop1592d ago

they should just make it .. COD:ZOMBIE .. 8 - 12 maps .. 16 player (4 teams of 4) and then zombies on top of that.

TrueJerseyDevil1592d ago

I don't think they can bring it back to its greatness, because people are sick of Call of Duty. People only buy it in my opinion is because they isn't much variety at the moment

Garethvk1592d ago

You make a great point. I loved the multiplay and series and have defended it until recently. Battlefield 3 and 4 had potential as did Medal of Honor: Warfighter but the Frostbyte 2 Engine, Dice, and EA issues did them in. To many bugs. I think in some regards this did not give them the prod they needed to truly get better. I liked the multiplay in Black Ops 2 but did not really get into the story mode and completed it more from obligation rather than compulsion.
For Ghosts, I liked the story, it took a bit, but Riley, some of the twists and stuff were enough to keep me entertained as were the space and sea combat. But I hate the multiplay on it and have not found any enthusiasm to continue. I used to zoom to max level. I am around 22 or so and really not in a hurry to do more. If it was not for pending DLC, I may even delete it.

ezop1592d ago

"How Sledgehammer Can Restore The Call of Duty Franchise To Greatness ???"

Create a new/different game on a better engine that's not an update of an update of an update of an update of the same game.

Garethvk1592d ago

Very true, start from scratch and do what made the series great.