Is Splashy Fish the Next Flappy Bird?

Hardcore Gamer: When Dong Nguyen announced that Flappy Bird was ruining his life and pulled it from app stores, it seemed that lovers of horrible games may forever be left in the lurch.

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admiralvic1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )


Why can't people just let things die...

minimur121591d ago

if they made it a pengiun and not a fish, they could've called it 'splashy bird'

ALICE6661591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

would you let it die if you can potentially earn 50k a day ?

surely the original flappy bird owner just handed someone a get rich quick card and he probably can't believe his luck now as he is now sitting at #1...

admiralvic1591d ago

I was talking about "game journalists" continuing to cover and talk about this game like it means nothing. This is just pandering at its finest and really shows you how desperate sites are to get a few clicks. Beyond this, I can't say I care about one person making easy money over another.

ChaosKnight1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I can't believe how many downloads Splashy Fish already has.

Why are human beings so awful?

KingPin1591d ago

humans are suckers for punishment. takes them a thousand years to learn from their mistakes. thats why we still have governments.

LogicLee1591d ago

Can't wait to buy a new phone after an anger fueled session with this bad boy.

GribbleGrunger1591d ago

And the dumbing down of this industry continues ...

LightofDarkness1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

What the hell is happening around here? Why are so many parties seemingly hell-bent on aligning mobile games with traditional games in an attempt to legitimize them? If you're coming to N4G to read about the latest throwaway mobile game, you're doing it wrong. It smells very fishy. All of a sudden, two weeks ago, we were starting to get pummeled with articles about Flappy Bird, some game nobody had heard of. People were asking why in the comments sections, why were these articles suddenly appearing and why were they getting such high heat scores despite apparently nobody being interested. Then there's some scandal, which seems to have served only to drive up more interest in the game, and now here we are again, hearing about some stupid throwaway game that's replacing the other stupid throwaway game, like I'm supposed to speculate now on the success of every half-baked rip-off mobile game that gets uploaded to app store with a vaguely familiar name and very familiar premise? I don't mind mobile game news being posted when it's warranted and there's something worth posting about, but I get the feeling that someone is pandering and there's an ulterior motive behind a lot of this.

GribbleGrunger1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I agree. I saw the Hotspot anomaly and watched it with interest. I also saw a couple of threads appear on Gaf on 'how to get a high score' on 'that other game'. Mobile games always (ALWAYS) slip on by unnoticed on this site BUT suddenly ...

BluP1590d ago

There's definitely something going on. I think it's because mobile sells so well.

Their logic: "If hardcore gamers are willing to dish out $60/$40/$20 for a game every week/month/couple months, imagine how much money we could make if they all switched to mobile and spent all that money on addicting mobile games like Flappy Bird!"

"But sir, how will we ever accomplish such a feat?"

"I know! We'll make a big deal out of mobile games, make it seem like everyone loves them, and they'll take the bait like the sheeple they are!"

Sadly, the suits who think this way are so out of touch with reality that they may as well be living under the ocean.

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