Wii U accounts for 2% of Ubisoft’s sales in Q3

Wii U accounted for a tiny portion of Ubisoft’s Q3 sales. How small are we talking about? 2 percent small.

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porkChop1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

This explains the Watch Dogs delay, and the cancellation that will likely come in a few months. 2% is horrible. And for reference, Xbox One is 9% while the PS4 is 12%. The Wii U has sold more units worldwide than either console right now, so this just shows how poor 3rd party Wii U sales really are.

badz1491560d ago

yup...just OUCH! but some people still says that 3rd parties are dumb to neglect the Wii U.

J-R1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

It would be bad business sense for a 3rd party developer to spend money developing for Wii U if that platform is only going to provide you with 2% of your game sales.
I can see this 2% number dropping even further in the future with more Wii U owners also adopting the PS4 or XBox One.

It is possible that numbers like these are why WatchDogs received another delay on Wii U. With numbers like this it would be hard to imagine them covering their cost to port it to the Wii U.

torchic1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

why the hell did you get so many disagrees? I guess that's one problem with Nintendo today, that hardcore fanbase that they choose to target all the time, the same people who disagreed with you. they'd rather be oblivious to the problems plaguing the company than hold Nintendo accountable and expect change.

Loadedklip1560d ago

Do a negative Microsoft post or a negative Sony post and you will get a ton of disagrees as well even when you are correct. That's the internet for you.

11eleven111560d ago

Ubisoft is certainly a rich company. But let's do some maths. They sold about $60 million worth of games on the wii u + about $120 million worth of games on the wii last year, and you think they will let it go? I don't think they will let go. They might want to change something in the approach to Nintendo systems, that's all.

jakemail1561d ago

Ouch! But you have to admit, if the games ran better and were at least up to par with the last gen version, the Wii U versions would sell better than they do. Assassins Creed runs at about 20 FPS on average for Wii U so yeah...

porkChop1561d ago

Assassin's Creed is fairly CPU heavy, and the Wii U's CPU isn't all that great, it's much slower than the CPUs in the PS3 and 360. It wouldn't be easy to get better performance. That's the same reason many games like COD struggled to maintain a decent framerate.

jakemail1561d ago

The Wii U has two CPUs and a GPGPU. I'm pretty sure they could have made it run better.

BoneBone1560d ago

With the correct code for the Wii U, these Wii U ports would leave the ps360 versions eating dust. But, Wii U ports currently have small teams of people working on them, which means if they can get away with crowbarring old antiquated ps360 code on Wii U with average playable results, then that's what the will do.

The PS4 and X1s' CPUs are ALSO slower than the ps360s' CPUs... CPU speed doesn't tell you how proficient a CPU is.

Magicite1560d ago

what about optimisation?

porkChop1561d ago

No. The system has 1 main CPU which is a tri-core version of the Wii CPU. The secondary CPU is essentially a low-powered Android CPU and it's only used for background tasks, it isn't used for games at all.

And yes, the consoles GPU is capable of running GPGPU tasks. However, Nintendo chose to use a very low end GPU that is too slow to utilize GPGPU functions in any real meaningful way. That GPU will not be able to entirely make up for the CPUs shortcomings.

The overall design of the console was a bit sloppy. A severely underpowered CPU, a decent GPU that is a bit too slow to make up for the CPU, and RAM that is too slow for the 2GB capacity to be of real use. And then on top of that there's the Gamepad which reserves some of the consoles already limited power in order for the controller to properly function in games.

jakemail1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

So you are saying that three cores combined with a GPGPU if optimized right could not run Assassin's Creed better, the ARM processor also would help because it makes it so the PowerPC processor is only being used when playing games. If the RAM in the Wii U isn't fast enough the how is the 360's and PS3's? So how isn't that enough?

Justindark1560d ago

x for wii u sure looks and runns better then anything i seen yet soo..hmm

porkChop1561d ago

The CPU is slower than the PS3 and 360 CPUs. No amount of optimization will change that. The RAM is slower, roughly half the speed of the PS3 and 360 RAM. Again, no amount of optimization can change that.

Now, I'm not saying that devs can't make good looking, and good performing games for the Wii U. Of course they can. But when you're porting a game from the PS3 or 360 you're going to have a very hard time trying to get the same performance.

The Wii U performs great when games are built specifically for it, but it doesn't perform so well when games are ported to it. PS3/360 games are designed to be more CPU heavy, but on the Wii U the CPU power just isn't there, which makes porting games much harder.

stragomccloud1560d ago

Clearly you have no idea what you're talking about. If clock speeds were anything, then the PS4 and XBone are also severely underpowered. That said, the Wii U's CPU totally outperforms the PS4 and Xbone's CPUs core for core. PS4 and Xbone still have more of them.

porkChop1560d ago


This isn't just about clock speeds. It's about what the CPU is actually capable of. It's overall speed. And in reality it's very, very slow. It's even been described by the Metro devs as being a "horrible, slow CPU", and that was in comparison to both the PS3 and 360.

R00bot1560d ago

What's funny is that the GamePad alone has 3 CPU's in it. Not that they're powerful or anything, I just find it interesting.

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LOL_WUT1560d ago

Ouch Ubisoft deserved better sales than this! Now they must turn their back on the platform as it's been proven that mostly all WiiU owners don't buy 3rd party games ;)

R00bot1560d ago

Why would anyone ever suggest that a company turn their back on another company? Don't you want Ubisoft games on the Wii U? There is no logical reason as to why they shouldn't make games for the platform, hell, they're even making a profit off of it.

ChickeyCantor1560d ago

Consumers deserve better business policies. Ubi isn't exactly playing towards WiiU owners ( Rayman legends for example )

R00bot1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

Well, considering the other consoles out there (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, 3DS, Vita, Wii), of the consoles they're making games for, Wii U's make up only 1.2% of them..
That means that the Wii U is pulling more than its own weight, one would expect its sales to be roughly 1.2% of Ubisofts sales.
Still, disappointing figures, to say the least.

RPG_Lover1560d ago

When you treat the fans like crap thats what you get.

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