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SOE Promises To Put The Sandbox "At The Core Of Everything"

iGR: "SOE has recently made the landmark decision to unify all of their titles under one subscription. President of SOE, John Smedley has made some bold claims in regards to future SOE MMO's" (John Smedley, PC, PS4)

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joeorc  +   67d ago
great sign, more MMO's for the PS4! Thats a very good thing there are many great games and DCUniverse is a very good game.
Utalkin2me  +   67d ago
I dont know i think we really need more apps and such for the PS4......roflmao
Shadonic  +   67d ago
Dat everquest though
ElementX  +   67d ago
*EDIT* disregard
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EBTpickle  +   67d ago
If SOE is able to supplement the output of SCE WWS and the typical third party support PS4 sees, it could mean a constant stream of content for PS4.
If Sony's taking requests, I like the "turtle shaped" sandbox.
THC CELL  +   67d ago
We need a day z game
ground_beef  +   67d ago
There is no console winning, all consoles are failures.

The only way a console is gonna win, is by releasing a virtual reality sex game. It's what humanity needs. Ever since the birth of technology, humanity's ultimate dream was VR sex. We saw parodies of VR sex in almost all the action movies that came about in the late 80's through the 90's, it was what everyone wanted, even the Hollywood big shots wanted it. The real catastrophe is why didn't anyone MAKE it up till now. I know that we are more than capable of doing a legit high end VR sex system, so don't say we don't have the tech ! (P.s when I say we, I mean we as in humanity)

All people talk about is 60 frames per second, it should be 60 faps per second with my new VR sex system. Actually there shouldn't be any fapping, cause the VR tech should be incredibly real.

So until then, am boycotting video gaming. See you next gen.
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XiSasukeUchiha  +   67d ago
Vashv17  +   67d ago
Wonder what their next MMO is going to be.
webeblazing  +   66d ago
not getting what the title had to do with the article. i read it was saying the going to focus putting their games on ps4, but the sandbox part have me like "HUH"

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