Xbox One With the One-Two Punch

For the average gamer of average means, the decision about which console to purchase is a significant one. Initially, people think in terms of advantages and disadvantages; pros and cons verses expense. In this regard, Microsoft has taken significant steps to combat some of the negative pre-release rumors which accompanied the Xbox One’s roll-out; addressing gamer’s concerns directly as well as touting the superior technological merits of their console. Therein lies the devastating one-two punch. Microsoft hopes will it be enough to compete with Sony’s sales advantage, since the PS4 racked up an impressive 1.2 million more units sold, in 2013.

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BG115791558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

So the one-two punch is the Xbone been a media center and prone to be service with DRM?
This goes along with the "TV, TV and TV" argument. Makes sense...

PeaSFor1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

i prefer the good old headkick delivered by the PS4, direct to the point and prone to knocking out the opponen with one good solid hit.

KingDadXVI1557d ago

Hate to disappoint you but the PS4 is just as prone to online DRM.

Sony is well know for their DRM and have many patented DRM technologies that they use and license to others.

My first Sony Vaio came preinstalled from Sony with a DRM root kit on it that would not allow me to rip CD's and also reported back to Sony what I was listening too. There was a huge backlash over this. The only way to remove it was to format your hard drive and then reinstall all of your drivers and programs. It was a major pain in the ass.

So don't tell me that MS and the Xbox is the evil DRM King. Sony was at it years ago.

BG115791557d ago

I love these responses.
Is Sony using any of the 5 drm in the machine? Why? Because they saw the backlash MS with their former Xbox's artistique director. They were smart to listen to xbox's fan plea event before the sales numbers.
Microsoft wasn't capable of listening. They always thought that sony would be forced to follow them and that xbox's fans were sheap that would buy anything with an X. They were blunty wrong.

KingDadXVI1557d ago


I am glad that you love them. I love your type of response too. The type that circles around my points but does nothing to counter them.

At least you admit the truth that Sony would have implemented the same DRM policies if not for the backlash that MS received.

You ignored the fact that Sony still uses DRM the same as any other company and that they actually promote it via patent licences and in their own hardware. More than that they have actually as I stated above implanted software on their products allowing them to prevent certain uses of the hardware that the customer has paid for and also collected data. This was all done surreptitiously by not informing the customer and maliciously by installing it in a manner that required destroying your operating system to remove it. It took a class action lawsuit to force Sony to stop.

At least MS had the decency to tells us what they had planned.

Hindsight is 20/20 as they say and you can bet that if the tables were reversed and Sony came out with the always online DRM and received the backlash that MS would have done the same as Sony and announced that they would not have always online DRM.

ROFL, you fan boys have your heads so far up Sony's ass that you can't even see the daylight.

ThePope1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

What I love is that Sony Fanboys act as if MS was trying to pull a fast one.

I don't know about you but if I were trying to pull a fast one it would involve me telling all of ZERO people about it. I would quietly do what I want and no one would no. I sure as hell wouldn't tell people about it at the largest videogame convention ever.

But that's just little old logical me...

BG115791556d ago

I'm waiting to see what's going to be cup in the next low-cost version of the Xbone, blu-ray or Kinect?
That will give the answer to where MS is actually going. An Xbone without a Blu-ray is nothing but a console with DRM and nothing more.

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lifeisgamesok1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Xbox One has the better games, media functions, controller and online infrastructure

There's also a greater focus on bigger budget games

godofboobees1557d ago

Keep telling yourself that

Godmars2901557d ago

Rumors? More like reversals.

Exactly like reversals in fact.