15 Fun Facts About Final Fantasy VIII For Its 15th Birthday

FFU writes: "Lightning Returns has officially released in North America, however, there was another Final Fantasy game that was released on this day in 1999.

Final Fantasy VIII was released 15 years ago in Japan. This was the game that had to match the strength of Final Fantasy VII and still to this day remains controversial among fans due to its complicated story and draw system.

For many of us though, this may have been your first Final Fantasy title and so, just as we did with Final Fantasy VII, we're going to honor the occasion with a list of 15 fun facts about the game."

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JetP06191589d ago

my favorite final fantasy of all time.

WildArmed1589d ago

Mine too!

Though nostalgia probably plays a big factor for me. My first FF, and was... 8 at the time haha.

Still replay the game every year or so! That junction system was soo awesome.

JetP06191589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

i was around the same age 8-10 years old xD

i bought it on steam again currently on disc 3 just playing card games xD

WildArmed1589d ago

After playing the game more than two dozen times, I never knew there was a website that selphie puts up!

Now to replay it and keep an eye on that website :)

SuperSquirrel1589d ago

7, 8, 9 and 10 were all excellent. Didn't play 11 and 12 so I can't comment on them but you can imagine my disappointment when I played through 13...

I agree with the above, though the draw/junction system in 8 came under a bit of scrutiny at the time, I always though it was a great follow on from the Materia set up of VII.

kayoss1589d ago

I agree. FF series story was awesome back then, but for some reason(s) after FF10 the story just went down hill from there. Til this day, i have no clue what the story was for FF13 and FF13-2. After I beat each game, my question was "What the hell was I doing?".

Pozzle1589d ago

I didn't know that Selphie wrote different things on her blog depending on whether you are nice or nasty towards her. That's pretty cool.

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