Final Fantasy VIII – 15th Anniversary

The Game Jar: "I can remember the day that Final Fantasy VIII came out. I was on holiday in Majorca and I was gutted I couldn’t play it on release day. That’s right, I was gutted that I was on holiday! The main reason I was so excited about playing it was because at the time, the only title from the series I had played was Final Fantasy VII. As a result, this was like the only sequel to me, and my love for VII only heightened my excitement for VIII."

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-Foxtrot1622d ago

Best Final Fantasy game in the PS1 days in my opinion

Fantastic character development
Great music
Good story
The world was interesting and had good back stories
Some characters felt pretty real, like Rinoa

I could go on

Shame it's nitpicked to death, most of the reasons people have for disliking the game can easily be downplayed. Like the "I hate how you had to draw for magic" when you never had to, there were pink draw spots located all over and when you got to the end you had the Island of Heaven and Hell.

Retard1622d ago

My first exposure to FF universe when I was 13. That ending needed some heavy psychotropics to comprehend at that age, seriously WTF.

djplonker1622d ago

Yeah I finished it was I was around 9 although metal gear solid (all of it lol) messed with my mind way more!
one minute I was hiding in a cardboard box getting urinated on by a wolf and the next minute I am killing a giant mech beast and saving the world!

Pozzle1622d ago

I remember when I first beat the game, it took me about half an hour to defeat Ultimecia... then just as the final cutscene started playing, my dad turned my PSone off because he wanted to watch the news.

I was shattered. :(

Thankfully I beat the game again the next day. But some of the excitement had worn off by then. Thanks, dad.

jjb19811622d ago

The music was great, withdraw system sucked

djplonker1622d ago

I remember playing pokemon blue and watching my big bro complete final fantasy 7 and when ff8 came out I had my own playstation so it was my first proper go at a final fantasy!

still cant choose the best between ff7 and ff8 -.-

Summons751622d ago

Such a good game :) deffinetly in my top 5 FFs.

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The story is too old to be commented.