Radiohead (the band) Makes a Very Trippy Game

Legendary rock pioneer Radiohead has gotten into the game making scene, releasing a title called PolyFauna that will really play with your mind. Story at Grab It Magazine.

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iosgamer1405d ago

This is pretty awesome really - I would love it if more music acts got into this kind of stuff.

3-4-51405d ago

worth it for the music right?

iosgamer1404d ago

Yeah, although King of Limbs isn't my favourite Radiohead album.

rhcpfan1405d ago

Love those guys. I'll have to try this later.

Wni01405d ago

Tkol is starting to grow on me, but why they didnt include at least one of those b-sides is strange. Greenwood / Paul Thomas Anderson 3/3 for Inherent Vice though... Thats gonna be legendary.