Iwata on the importance of momentum, never thought about resigning

Momentum is something that we often hear Nintendo discussing. The 3DS, for example, saw a tough start, but Nintendo turned things around with a price drop and steady stream of software. This provided a momentum boost for the system.

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JuleyJules1499d ago

Yes Wii U does need momentum - a Direct before DKC:TF is released will get that started. Games in the next 3 months before MK8 are also necessary. 3 month gaps got Nintendo into this mess in the first place. I'm baffled why this is so difficult to figure out.

SteamPowered1499d ago

Nintendo Direct are really only viewed by people that already have a Wii U or other Nintendo product. Nintendo needs to hit The Masses. They need an advertising/marketing campaign to hype up their games. Word of mouth just isnt doing it for Nintendo anymore. They need to promote the living hell out of Donkey Kong, Super SMash bros, and Mario Kart.

JuleyJules1499d ago

True Directs are watched by their fans BUT they also kick off marketing as they are watched by media in the gaming industry. Once the Direct happens - and hopefully soon - they can kick off a full advertising campaign. They really need to get their fans excited as the bad news just keeps coming. Word of mouth helps and fans are waiting on word on games like Metroid, Star Fox etc plus release dates. Release dates are important so pre-orders can be ramped up and bundles with big games like MK8 and SSB4 will help too.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1499d ago

which why the going to use MOBILE to advertise meaning Nintendo Direct app

linkenski1498d ago

The problem about Directs are when Nintendo uses them as the prime source of information for consumers, because no casual-gamer is gonna be aware of what they do if everything is mostly told through a source made for VG-community people, fans and people who are already on the bandwagons.

3-4-51499d ago

In America when a CEO or such screws up big time, they just get a "bonus/reward" for being unintelligent/arrogant and then they move on to go ruin another the same and so on..

I guess in Japan they actually try and fix their mistakes..

360ICE1499d ago

Every time you're baffled why someone doesn't do something that seems really simple, consider the possibility that it's not really as simple as it seems.

Truway1499d ago

I just got my Wii U today. I have fate they will turn things around.

donman11499d ago


Once Iwata is shown the door.

lilbroRx1499d ago

Yes, so he can leave and come back in the morning. You want the man to be well rested for when the Wii U returns to being the dominant console.

Chrischi19881498d ago

You guys^^ Really^^

Iwata made more for Nintendo, as any other person in the whole industry did. I am talking about real profits and not making sales and still losing money. One year was not so good, while the other piece of tech did very well. Sony and MS actually should learn a thing or two from him. He should resign? Seems like you dont know much about business. Yeah, they lost money, 1 year on Wii U, tell me, how many years did sony lose money on their successful considered consoles? Or MS? Thats right, if some heads need to roll somewhere, it is at MS and Sony. Sony actually started by firing around 5000 people, nice move...

linkenski1498d ago

Of course. Now that YOU've bought one, Nintendo is gonna do much better, duh. </pfft, whaddayatalkingabout!?>

Chrischi19881498d ago

That is not what he said, but ok, be a fanboy.

strigoi8141499d ago

get your mess and pick it up together to clear out your name..i still believe in Nintendo

lilbroRx1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Its not simply his mess. There are hundreds of people involved in and responsible for the Wii U.

Iwata didn't design, it market it, make games for or program its firmware. No one man can do all of that on their own. He is simply their overseer. He can't force them to make miracles occur. People just want to bash Iwata because he is an easy target and most people in gaming media, who are fans of other companies, don't like the success he has brought Nintendo.

If you pay attention, you will notice that anytime an issue arises with Nintendo, people will instantly go after the most successful aspects of the company to bash regardless of reality. When Miyamoto was the main figurehead in the news, Nintendo haters bashed him nonstop. When the Wii was dominating, people incessantly called it a failure and demanded that it need to be scrapped, resigned and so on. When first party titles were breaking world records, people insisted that Nintendo should abandon its old franchises. Basically, the main stream gaming media will favor whatever course of action is least beneficial for Nintendo in the long run and more beneficial for competition.

Things like this are bound to happen when taking risks.

Amigaengine1499d ago

bubbles up

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free

MsmackyM1499d ago

The only way I see Nintendo turning the WiiU around is to completely ignore 3rd party multiplats and focus solely on providing a steady stream of exclusive content. I believe Nintendo reliance on 3rd parties early on got them into the mess they are in. Nintendo hasn't had 3rd party support since the SNES days, so they've had plenty of time to fortify their first party offerings.

Metallox1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

@To the disagrees: You must understand that third party support is dead on Wii U. What do we have this 2014? Watch Dogs (delayed, probably CANCELLED), PROJECT Cars and maybe Sonic Boom... something else? No. That's why I think Nintendo should drop third parties too, JUST FOR THE WII U. I mean, when do you think the next console is going to be released? 2016? 2017? Too soon for me. It doesn't have sense to catch attention from thirds when the console will hardy make a comeback.

With the next console, they must recover the lost thirds.

XXXL1499d ago

I own a Wii U and enjoy the system. But.... Iwata is clueless. He's all talk. The VC is still a mess which pisses me off the most. Where are the games? If u can't emulate your own software u have issues. I'm sick of hearing Iwata's BS. Get him the hell out of there before he takes the whole company down with him.

lilbroRx1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Reggie is responsible for the things in America, not Iwata. Its also more than likely someone under Reggie who actually decides what goes on the VC and what doesn't. Then more than likely someone under tha guy who does all of the porting.

People constantly attack Iwata with no understanding how anything works in a company. Nitnendo has over 4000 employees. Iwata can't do everyone's job at one time.

Direct that at the devs in Nintendo who are in charge of those decision. Though, of course, like most uneducated people, none of you want to look at the complexity of the issues in a realistic sense. You want to go after the most convenient target to bash and ride the bandwagon of ignorance with everyone else. Then you wonder why your problems aren't fixed afterwards.

If Iwata left and someone else took his place, not a single thing you just listed would change because he doesn't make "those" decisions. He has more important things to deal with. Other company heads are in charge of those things. Most of what he deals with is on the business side Nintendo, not the developement side.

XXXL1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

"People constantly attack Iwata with no understanding how anything works in a company. Nitnendo has over 4000 employees. Iwata can't do everyone's job at one time."

Iwata is in charge of all these people. It's his job to put the right pieces in place to help the company succeed. What you're saying is he's just a figurehead and it's everyone else's fault. Get real.

lilbroRx1498d ago

@"a figurehead and not his fault" That is not even slightly what I said.

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