What's The One Game That'd Make You Purchase A Vita?

You don't own the PlayStation Vita yet. You have your reasons, but what's the ONE game that would make you leap at the chance to own Sony's new portable?

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PeaSFor1435d ago

i got it on launch ONLY for Lumines:Electronic Symphony, everything else is a bonus.

dedicatedtogamers1435d ago

Already own a Vita, but if we look back at what sold well on the PSP:

- Monster Hunter (obviously)
- Gran Turismo
- God of War
- Grand Theft Auto
- Crisis Core (a FF game)

So...yeah, some of that might help.

I think if Sony does some advertising (c'mon, Sony) then Minecraft Vita could be a big seller.

KillerBanana71435d ago

I already own a vita but a game I really want on my vita is an inFamous game :)

Outside_ofthe_Box1435d ago

I already have one, but I would like some of those Japaneses titles to be localized please.

bothebo1435d ago

INDIES... lol well anyway, I already own one but, one game I'd love to see is Bioshock Vita since Bioshock Infinite blew my mind!

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The story is too old to be commented.