Silent Hill Veteran Thinks The Series Should Start Fresh

During a recent Reddit AMA to promote his upcoming indie horror game Blackmore, Jeremy Blaustein — translator and voiceover director on multiple games in the Silent Hill series — was asked a question we’ve heard so many times over the last few years. How should Konami approach the next game?

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andrewsqual1590d ago

Or let it die. A game like Downpour may have done well on its own. There was no reason to slap the name Silent Hill on it at all. The overall story didn't even tie into why the main character should even be there at all. Game would have been viewed as its own thing then but wasn't because of the slapped on Silent Hill title.
And how is it that the Silent Hill 2 had better lighting and shadows than Downpour anyway? Oh yeah UNREAL ENGINE 3.

SaturdayNightBeaver1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

The famous brand names today are only used to SELL, they don't have almost anything in common.

Kyosuke_Sanada1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

What Konami needs to do is better screening for teams that can execute a presentation similar to the first four. It's true that the early Silent Hills had different teams to work on each project but they knew what lines should and shouldn't be crossed in order for the release to have a signature feel.

It's like Konami just threw caution to the the wind for rounding up game developers in the last three titles which of course didn't yield the results they have hoped. I am not saying they should go strictly Japanese either because there are individuals like Nick Greenlee who "understands" the Silent Hill universe and portrayed it in his mini-series "Silent Hill: No Escape" which I believe captured the spirit of the first ones. Just be more strict in who are creating their flagship titles.....

Trailer for No Escape:

That being said I think Konami should keep Vatra and let they create an independent horror of their own because they obviously have the talent to do so.

adorie1590d ago

"What Konami needs to do is better screening for teams that can execute a presentation similar to the first four. "

They first need someone competent enough to choose the right team.

Ratty1590d ago

As long as he didn't mean reboot. Reboots are just blasphemous.

Wni01590d ago

Everyone always wants or does bigger. Eff that give me a tight focused Silent Hill.