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Submitted by admiralvic 726d ago | news

Wal-Mart Site Selling Xbox One With Game for $500

Hardcore Gamer: It’s rare that you’ll see a deal like this, let alone from Wal-Mart, but if you get an Xbox One console from their site, you’ll also be able to choose a bonus game. (Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Madden 25, Xbox One)

admiralvic  +   726d ago
Wow, it's actually a deal. I expected to come with critically acclaimed titles like Fighter Within.
theoneb  +   726d ago
Lol great for people on the fence but bad for the Xbox division. Never in the history of consoles have there been deals like this within the first 6months of a new system.

This tells us alot. The Ps3 was expensive but never did we see deals like this in an attempt to move hardware. I don't think we can compare last gen sales to this gen. The market has grown since then and the retailers know that people want the Ps4 more than the Xbox 1. I might have to get one since I can't find a Ps4 at all times. Was surprised to see Ps4 in stock two weeks ago at gamestop
Dehnus  +   725d ago
Yes there was!
THe first Xbox was lowered in price from 479 euros to 299 within 3 months of it's release in the Netherlands. To compensate for early addaptors they added 2 games with the system. However it wasn't long until those games also came with the 299 one.
UltimateMaster  +   725d ago
In other news, it's not selling.

Even if Microsoft comes out with a 400$ kinect-less Xbox One, I don't think it would sell more.

Why, well let's see...

-The Hardware is still inferior, quality of the games would still be inferior.
-Online and OS needs much needed upgrade since the PS4 and Xbox 360 has more/better online features than the Xbox One and how almost nothing is behind a pay wall on the PS4.
-It would also make it look as nobody likes the Xbox One and aren't willing to pay the 499$ price.

I heard rumors they were going to release a blu-ray disc drive-less version with 1Tb for 399$.
*facepalm* don't do it.
If you are to go all digital, go with 3Tb at the very least. 1Tb is not enough for games that averages 35Gb to 50Gb.
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Magicite  +   725d ago
dont wana sound like a troll, but it seems, while PS4 is mostly out of stock and some shops are even upping original price, meanwhile X1 is getting price cuts from retailers (or a free game bonus).
4logpc  +   726d ago
Newegg was giving away bf4 as well. Sweet deals.
ChaosKnight  +   726d ago
That's an amazing deal.
Insomnia_84  +   726d ago
New Xbox One sku incoming. Kinectless XBone.

georgeenoob  +   726d ago
Don't you wish it was true so you and all the other fans can make fun of MS and say they did a 180. Guess what? It's not happening. As said by MS a million times. Keep dreaming though.
Insomnia_84  +   726d ago
No, dumbass! I wish it was true so I could maybe buy one as I intended to before their stupid announcement. Maybe that way I can play with my 2 blind friends who refuse to buy the cheaper more powerful console out of pure brand loyalty.
PS4isKing_82  +   725d ago
@George Didn't Microsoft also say a million times that the console couldnt run without Kinect and being connected to the internet once every 24hrs?

What makes you think they won't backtrack again? It's only been what, 4, 5 times already since their may 2013 reveal?

They either sell a kinectless version or lower the price much earlier than expected to compete with ps4. Simple as that. And it'll probably happen sooner rather than later.
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Magicite  +   725d ago
Both option will hurt MS, either kinectless or with kinect, but I guess they would loose more by not bundling kinect.
UltimateMaster  +   725d ago
"Maybe that way I can play with my 2 blind friends who refuse to buy the cheaper more powerful console out of pure brand loyalty."

After all the "screw you over" DRM BS, you're still willing to go and buy their system to make sure that they'll implement it once and for all when both PS and Nintendo pass away and Microsoft gains 100% Monopoly just like they do with PCs?

You hate video games or just yourself and the rest of the world?
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XiSasukeUchiha  +   725d ago
Please Kinectless Xbone
KingDadXVI  +   726d ago
Not bad. Costco in my city had the Xbox One with two controllers and Ryse for $489 back in December. They sold all 50 units in the first 10 minutes. They still haven't gotten restocked.
badz149  +   726d ago
an extra controller and Ryse cost $120 separately and it was selling for $489 which made the console costs $369, $30 cheaper than the PS4! it's weaker but cheaper, so it was a good deal no matter how you see it.
DanielGearSolid  +   726d ago
Walmart and Gamestop are really pushing the x1 hard

Funny cause they didn't do that for the Ps3 when it was struggling. Or the WiiU as it continues to struggle
4logpc  +   726d ago
Some online retailers have some nice Wii U deals. I picked up and Wii U Windwaker bundle for $260 from Newegg.
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parentoftheyear  +   725d ago
I'm waiting for the $199 Wii u and then it's mineeeee. Finally. Excited to play mario and donkey Kong. Just not $300 excited.
Death  +   726d ago
What does the PS3 struggling early on have to do with the Xbox One?
DanielGearSolid  +   726d ago
It's a comparison between two consoles that struggle to keep pace with the competition early on... Its alarming that I had to point that out for you...

And why didn't include the WiiU in your question? I know why... You target anything Sony with your fanboy lock on system

Before you deny it check your comment history
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Death  +   726d ago
You have an interesting take on "struggling". The PS3 at launch was rough. The WiiU has under-performed significantly. The Xbox One is selling very well.

The Xbox One sold in 30 days what the PS3 did in 8 months.

So yeah, I did need you to point the similarities out to me. They aren't very obvious without the fanboy lock on system kicked into overdrive.
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SlyFoxC  +   726d ago
yeah and the PS3 at release was aslo an entire forigen concept and had a super high price!

console - 700 + tax
game - same as now
HDMI cable - first console to use it
other new tech..

when i got my ps3 day one it cost me 875 dollars... the xbox one cost me 580....

the ps3 was a huge leap in tech and people were afraid....the Xbox One is still very Familiar to what we are use to and not as technically advanced in comparison to the leap between ps2-ps3. and the price difference to the between the 360 and ps3 was a huge turn off...
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BakPAin  +   726d ago
You right, its kind of weird that Xbox One is selling better than Xbox 360 did, but it still considered a struggling platform. Did I miss something?
Kavorklestein  +   726d ago
@ SlyFox C
"the ps3 was a huge leap in tech and people were afraid...."
Dude don't be dumb. Most people bought PS3 simply because it included a Blu-Ray drive. Nobody was scared of the tech, they were scared of the games. It was borderline pointless to own for the first two years, so when I finally bought mine, 2 and a half years after it was out, it STILL only held my attention for like year, and I got rid of it. Never once regretted it. I still played all the "EXCLUSIVES" at my friend's house, and most of them are not worth 60 bucks in my opinion, they are 40 dollar games, with the exception of metal gear solid 4. I also enjoyed Lair for some reason, but I bought it for like 7 bucks at gamestop. The xbox one may be inferior to the ps4 in raw power, but Microsoft is NOT struggling or losing on a large scale that people should be worried about.
The PS3 was something that was a bad launch, and it stayed bad until there was MGS4, and it didn't get any better until Uncharted 2 and killzone 2. But those games are not as great as people hype them up to be. The only thing PS3 has going for it in recent years, last 3 years or so, is Shadow of the colossus HD, god of war collection, and the Last of us. Everything else is better on xbox, and runs at higher resolution than PS3. I probably sound like a douche bag, but I'm giving you sony fans a reality check, you are saying the xbox one is doomed, when it is doing better than the ps3 ever did, and the game libraries are strong on both sides. Let the year go by and you will see how comparable these system are. Let's stop hating once and for all.
If your past console can survive some issues, then why can't ours? Get real please. Let's all save our breath from now on...
theWB27  +   726d ago
The Xbox One isn't struggling. What evidence is there other than the internet hyperbole.

You want to see something struggling..look at the Vita and especially the WiiU.
DanielGearSolid  +   726d ago
Sales figures...

Its losing ground against the Ps4...
Everyone knows that
Hicken  +   726d ago
Having so much stock on shelves is evidence. It's selling well, as far as the market is concerned, but it doesn't look good to have so much inventory still in stores.
BX81  +   726d ago
C'mon guy that's your evidence that the Xb1 is struggling? It's not selling as well as the ps4 right now but it's selling just fine.
@ hicken
Idk bro. They didn't spread thin on release spots. It's a tough choice. Do you take the Sony route and release in a lot of countries and have a supply problem? Or do you release in less countries and have extras. The problem now is there aren't that many ps4's and there are xb1's. If someone wants a console they have to decide do I wait or do I just go to the store now?
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theWB27  +   726d ago
So in other words it's not struggling. There's just another product performing better. Got it.

When Sony starts to have PS4's on shelves and you can walk in and buy one they won't be considered to be struggling. The PS360 weren't considered struggling because they were on shelves.

Even when the next numbers come out...if the X1 is on par with historic numbers then it still won't be struggling. It just won't be doing as good as the PS4. Nothing at all wrong with that unless you're a console warrior.
mrnefarious  +   726d ago
I live right outside of Philly and I can walk into any store around here that would sell consoles and walk out with either a PS4 or X1
Smootherkuzz  +   726d ago
Just because PS4 is out selling Xbox One doesn't mean Xbox One is doing bad for sells. Remember some people don't choose on how many a console has sold. Some buy for what they want as it should be.
BX81  +   725d ago
@mrn you're lucky. I live in florida. I was gonna pick up a ps4 earlier but all the targets,walmarts, game stops, toys r us, and best buys within a hr drive didn't have one.
mhunterjr  +   725d ago
The xb1 isn't "struggling" it just isn't selling as well as the ps4. It's numbers are great.

Had they launched globally, like they originally planned, there'd obviously be far fewer left on the shelf. We're comparing a console whose stock is available in over 50 countries, to one who's stock is in13 countries, and using the formerss availability a barometer of success. Doesn't make much sense.
cyclindk  +   716d ago
... hyperbole again?
cyclindk  +   716d ago
DOOMZ  +   726d ago
Utalkin2me  +   726d ago
Have to get rid of them some way. Congrats to people that havent picked up one yet.
Dumb_username   726d ago | Trolling | show
The_devils_chum  +   726d ago
Whats really happening is wal-mart is trying to make some space in their warehouse.
Metfanant  +   726d ago
gotta get rid of the extra stock somehow......i kid i kid...sorta...
Deadmonkey76  +   726d ago
Sony trolls in 321 they got no games to play so might as well find an xbox article to vent there anger
PS4isKing_82  +   726d ago
Holy crap they're giving them away already lol no one wants a xbone all the cool ppl are picking ps4 this gen and the sales prove it. Microsoft and nintendo will be fighting over who drops to third place.
LAWSON72  +   726d ago
Definitely a good deal but I would not consider a Xbone unless Halo 2 was legit and if it is I want to wait for some special edition console or a white one.
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Megaton  +   726d ago
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
ajax17  +   725d ago
My Wal-Mart is retarded. There's an Xbox One and a PS4 both out on display except you can't demo the PS4. Only the Xbox One. Seems pretty shady.
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Whitey2k  +   725d ago
whos stupid enough to buy an x1 anyways considering everyone knows they gonna be playing the ps4 mainly better multiplats and knowing sony there being supported more on this gen then x1
Kingoftherodeo  +   725d ago
now thats a deal for those still on the fence. why does xbox do this because checkbook. i feel like xbox is the rich kid who pays its way through everything, while the sony people are jelly because their check book isn't as big. if i dint have a ps4 and xbox1 already i would buy it i mean with this close to titanfall why not?

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