Wal-Mart Site Selling Xbox One With Game for $500

Hardcore Gamer: It’s rare that you’ll see a deal like this, let alone from Wal-Mart, but if you get an Xbox One console from their site, you’ll also be able to choose a bonus game.

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admiralvic1440d ago

Wow, it's actually a deal. I expected to come with critically acclaimed titles like Fighter Within.

theoneb1440d ago

Lol great for people on the fence but bad for the Xbox division. Never in the history of consoles have there been deals like this within the first 6months of a new system.

This tells us alot. The Ps3 was expensive but never did we see deals like this in an attempt to move hardware. I don't think we can compare last gen sales to this gen. The market has grown since then and the retailers know that people want the Ps4 more than the Xbox 1. I might have to get one since I can't find a Ps4 at all times. Was surprised to see Ps4 in stock two weeks ago at gamestop

Dehnus1439d ago

Yes there was!
THe first Xbox was lowered in price from 479 euros to 299 within 3 months of it's release in the Netherlands. To compensate for early addaptors they added 2 games with the system. However it wasn't long until those games also came with the 299 one.

UltimateMaster1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

In other news, it's not selling.

Even if Microsoft comes out with a 400$ kinect-less Xbox One, I don't think it would sell more.

Why, well let's see...

-The Hardware is still inferior, quality of the games would still be inferior.
-Online and OS needs much needed upgrade since the PS4 and Xbox 360 has more/better online features than the Xbox One and how almost nothing is behind a pay wall on the PS4.
-It would also make it look as nobody likes the Xbox One and aren't willing to pay the 499$ price.

I heard rumors they were going to release a blu-ray disc drive-less version with 1Tb for 399$.
*facepalm* don't do it.
If you are to go all digital, go with 3Tb at the very least. 1Tb is not enough for games that averages 35Gb to 50Gb.

Magicite1439d ago

dont wana sound like a troll, but it seems, while PS4 is mostly out of stock and some shops are even upping original price, meanwhile X1 is getting price cuts from retailers (or a free game bonus).

4logpc1440d ago

Newegg was giving away bf4 as well. Sweet deals.

Insomnia_841440d ago

New Xbox One sku incoming. Kinectless XBone.


georgeenoob1440d ago

Don't you wish it was true so you and all the other fans can make fun of MS and say they did a 180. Guess what? It's not happening. As said by MS a million times. Keep dreaming though.

Insomnia_841440d ago

No, dumbass! I wish it was true so I could maybe buy one as I intended to before their stupid announcement. Maybe that way I can play with my 2 blind friends who refuse to buy the cheaper more powerful console out of pure brand loyalty.

PS4isKing_821440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

@George Didn't Microsoft also say a million times that the console couldnt run without Kinect and being connected to the internet once every 24hrs?

What makes you think they won't backtrack again? It's only been what, 4, 5 times already since their may 2013 reveal?

They either sell a kinectless version or lower the price much earlier than expected to compete with ps4. Simple as that. And it'll probably happen sooner rather than later.

Magicite1439d ago

Both option will hurt MS, either kinectless or with kinect, but I guess they would loose more by not bundling kinect.

UltimateMaster1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

"Maybe that way I can play with my 2 blind friends who refuse to buy the cheaper more powerful console out of pure brand loyalty."

After all the "screw you over" DRM BS, you're still willing to go and buy their system to make sure that they'll implement it once and for all when both PS and Nintendo pass away and Microsoft gains 100% Monopoly just like they do with PCs?

You hate video games or just yourself and the rest of the world?

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KingDadXVI1440d ago

Not bad. Costco in my city had the Xbox One with two controllers and Ryse for $489 back in December. They sold all 50 units in the first 10 minutes. They still haven't gotten restocked.

badz1491440d ago

an extra controller and Ryse cost $120 separately and it was selling for $489 which made the console costs $369, $30 cheaper than the PS4! it's weaker but cheaper, so it was a good deal no matter how you see it.

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The story is too old to be commented.