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Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Triumphs Again: Brings Home GOTY and More at NY Game Critics Awards

Naughty Dog can add two more trophies to the already bursting case dedicated to The Last of Us. (PS3, The Last Of Us)

WeAreLegion  +   63d ago
Naughty Dog just added a new wing for awards.
SmielmaN  +   63d ago
Lol. What they have done for themselves with their work on PS3 is astounding. Incredible work and all their games were stunning, fun, and told a great story. Incredible studio
UltraNova  +   62d ago
By far the best dev's in history.

Not discrediting Rockstar, Nintendo(1st party)and Valve but they have been here far longer than ND and yet they havent made the splash ND has in just 7 years and in every single effort. (Yeah I know ND was here before the PS3 but look what they did in this recent time).

I never use the word flawless but in ND's case I might even consider it if they keep this up.
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Insomnia_84  +   63d ago
Naughty Gods!! Can't wait for whatever it is they got next!
nikoado  +   63d ago
Has ND posted any pictures or videos of all those awards, at least the physical ones?
badz149  +   63d ago
that would be showing off or bragging and bragging is not really a likable attribute one to have considering those awards are from people's opinion, not solid performance like winning gold medals in sports which are purely based on ability.

for example, Usain Bolt can be a show off all he wants as nobody can dispute all the gold medals he has won but GoTY will always be opinion and there will always be people with different opinions.
TFJWM  +   63d ago
While I kinda agree with you, many gold medals are awarded after judges decide who is the winner. So anyone who wins say a gold in figure skating or another judged sport and posts a pic or talks about it is "bragging"? I would see nothing wrong with a picture of all their rewards thanking everyone that helped them win them.
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Saito  +   63d ago
Hurt. Just...hurt
The winners receive Golden Chocobos!
Jury  +   63d ago
I recall people tossing up over which would win more goty awards out of tlou and gtaV... It wasn't even close!
badz149  +   63d ago
your comment reminds me of a gif I saw and I tried to look for it and found it. here:


not saying GTAv is crap or anything but yeah...people jumped to conclusion real quick sometime.
Funky Town_TX  +   63d ago
Cool game.
Yuri_Fan  +   63d ago
2013 has been a slow year for gaming.
mkis007  +   63d ago
Must be an xbox-only owner...ahhhh I'm sorry but I had to.
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Vandamme21  +   63d ago
Well deserved...unlike GTA5
chrissx  +   63d ago
ND still getting awards into 2014. Well deserved TLOU is a masterpiece
gamer2013  +   63d ago
I would bet that if anyone else made that game it wouldn't get half the praise and accolades.
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badz149  +   63d ago
maybe because it wouldn't even be half as good? did that even come to your mind when you said that?
ltachiUchiha  +   63d ago
I told u from the beginning that TLOU would win GOTY even over GTAV. Just proves that the spike awards was rigged. How does Naughty Dog win Best Studio Award & not win GOTY? Makes no sense. I went back to the multiplayer because even BF4, KZSF, COD Ghost cant compare to how fun & tactical TLOU multiplayer is. Definitely requires skills & team effort especially if u aint running with a clan. I hope they port it to the ps4 because TLOU multiplayer is so underrated & one of the best & most challenging multiplayers ive ever played. Congratz to ND, u guys never disappoint & deserve it.
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SynestheticRoar  +   62d ago
Naughty Mother F-ing Dog.
medman  +   62d ago
I've been slow clapping Naughty Dog since I sprung from the womb, and I'll keep clapping till they lower me into the ground.

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