TitanFall Beta Launches On February 14th, Will Feature Two Maps & Three Game Modes

Electronic Arts and Respawn have just announced that the beta phase of TitanFall will launch on February 14th.

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BiggCMan1283d ago

THIS...IS!!!! generic...

Fireseed1283d ago

"Still don't understand why THIS^^^^ occurs -_- Like if you don't care for the game at all and won't buy it, why are you commenting?? I really can't process this in my brain, it makes no sense. It's just you grabbing for attention." - BiggCMan

Hey at least you are like some huge hypocrite or something.

Farmassy1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Your comment is generic. You are literally taking what you saw someone else write and saying it yourself. That is generic as hell.

Also, you haven't played this game. This would be like me saying that infamous is generic because they have already had so many third person action games. I haven't played it so I'm not saying shit.

You should do the same

1283d ago
Farmassy1283d ago


what you just did is hilarious to me

s8anicslayer1283d ago

@fireseed..haters gonna hate! Haters will see you walk on water and still say you did only because you can't swim.

BiggCMan1283d ago

Looks like someone is desperaaaaaate, to go searching in someone else' comment history! ^_^ It's ok, I get bored too sometimes.

BX811283d ago

@ fire seed. F'n EPIC call out! Bubs.

Farmassy1283d ago


Why are you the way you are? I don't like it

Deadmonkey761283d ago

Go back to your playstation troll

HaveAsandwich1283d ago

lol just buy it on pc, and relax.

Godz Kastro1283d ago


You sir take home the award for most epic reply ever.... Raining bubbles on you!!! LoL

BiggCMan1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Also, not one person here is intelligent enough to explain to me your reasoning on why it ISN'T generic. Instead you reply like madmen with no interesting comments.

So this being my last bubble, I bid everyone a goodnight, and I will check in on my troll success in the morning.

A quick edit, the flaw with Fireseeds comment about me is that I am interested in this game. Sure I have some criticisms about it, but I signed up for the beta because i'd like to be proven wrong.

See what some intelligent thinking gets you?

Fireseed1283d ago


The term "searching" is generally not applied to something that literally took a 2 second glance... but you want justification for my disagree ok then. Sure it involves soldiers guns and robots but what's wrong with that? As my teachers always said "Thinking outside of the box purely for the sake of it is stupid. It's idea that find unique ways of handling the constraints that are truly gems." Titanfall may not have many original ideas but it does the ones it has SO WELL that no one cares how "generic" it is.


Oooh! I like that one, gonna have to use it! :)

@Everyone Else

Thank you and I love you all! :D

maniacmayhem1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )


That was grand on all scales. The fact that BiggC had to reply twice to "TRY" and save face made it all the more epic.

4Sh0w1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Fireseed, lmfao I salute you.

"Sniper shot fired BiggCMan down!"

lol, I only wish he had more bubbles because his weak attempts to recover from being exposed as a complete hypocrite are comical.

"Sure I have some criticisms about it, but I signed up for the beta because i'd like to be proven wrong."

pffft, anyone who believes that I got a bridge to sell 'em. lol

4Sh0w1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

damm double post.

LogicStomper1283d ago

"So this being my last bubble, I bid everyone a goodnight, and I will check in on my troll success in the morning."

It's not really trolling if you make yourself the laughing stock...

1283d ago
porkChop1283d ago

Do you understand what generic even means? Name a single game that looks and plays like Titanfall. Go ahead, just name one. I don't like the 6v6, and I don't like all the AI stuff, but even I can see that this game is something new and fresh.

SDRA1282d ago

Do you want to know why this is not generic? It's because you got elements from single player modes, MOBAs, battle arena shooters and generic modern shooters.
Plus Titans.
Plus parkour.
I don't know if the game will be any good, but, for fuck sake, this is not generic by any means.

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Insomnia_841283d ago

I can see some Valentine's Day dates cancelled due to unexpected misunderstandings.

KingDadXVI1283d ago

I agree. The action in this game looks insane. I hope I get an access code.

malokevi1283d ago

That's insanity.... Common Respawn, pick me!

TheFallenAngel1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

I signed up for xbone. I want to see whats all that fuss about. I really dont buy into hyped games. We'll see if its worth my brothers money but I dont have high hopes though.

OpieWinston1283d ago

Your brothers money?
What are you some kid who doesn't have a job to afford your own games?
I hope you don't get the beta key...If you don't walk into it with an open mind then you're not going to enjoy it.

TheFallenAngel1283d ago

I have my own money to buy my own games. I just don't buy into hyped games. My brother is getting hyped about it but I told him not to get his hopes up. That's why i singed up for the beta so we can play it. I will have my final judgement on the game once I play it.

Dumb_username1283d ago

Stupid N4G people down voting someone because he's getting it for Xbox one.

TheFallenAngel1283d ago

No Im getting downvoted because i'm not praising the game. I dont have high hopes on it.

truefan11283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Yessir, this sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Best of luck to all who signed up, I hope you get in right after me lol.

PS that Beta trailer was sick, just upped the hype a bit. I am also intrigued by last titan standing, what if that is an all out mech war.

VENOMACR12271283d ago

100% chance I dont get access lol