GH’s Most Anticipated PS Vita Games of 2014

Gamer Headlines writes: "Already a month in the new year, we here at Gamer Headlines decided to share with you our top Anticipated PS Vita Games of 2014. While everyone else is hyping over the next-gen consoles and upcoming titles, we haven’t forgotten the exciting new titles that will hit Sony’s portable console this year. Without further adieu here are our top ten choices for most anticipated PS Vita titles of 2014."

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Thirty3Three1593d ago

Wow, Pavilion looks (Based on the screenshot- I know nothing about it, so I literally mean "looks") simply astonishing! By the description, it sounds amazing! I'm suddenly very excited for such a game! :)

Great list!

nope1111593d ago

WOW, i was completely unaware of some of these games. Pavilion especially looks great!
If Freedom Wars comes out this year in NA, that'll be my most anticipated Vita game of 2014.

Apoca1ypse1592d ago

Personally looking forward to ps vita Blazblue chrono phantasma for the vita.