Project Stealth - First Screenshot From Unreal Engine 4 Build Is Really, Really, Really Dark

DSOGaming writes: "Lennard Fonteijn, Lead Programmer of Project Stealth, commented on our previous story about Pandora Stealth, hinting at a hidden image that is from the game’s Unreal Engine 4 build. And alas, you can view this image below."

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iNFAMOUZ1809d ago

I wonder if gears will use the new unreal engine. Probably.

Audiggity809d ago

Gears of War 4 - Nightvision Goggle Edition

Utalkin2me809d ago (Edited 809d ago )

I can hear the splinter cell waaaaaaaa from the goggles. Good job funny man.

Audiggity809d ago

Teaser or not... that is not a good screenshot. It looks like Doom 3 with trash on the floor.

ZackStrife809d ago

I noticed that too. Not good. I have hopes for this engine though.

CrossingEden809d ago

This actually frustrated me alittle bit, WHO is this for, who is gonna get excited from this picture?!

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