EA UFC Developers Ready to Rumble With "Any Other Developer in the World"

GR - EA Sports UFC is deep in development for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but researching mixed-martial arts has some of the developers at EA Vancouver entering and even winning competitions in the sport.

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ftwrthtx1474d ago

The best way for animators to create true animations is to understand what they are creating. Smart move by the developer.

T3mpr1x1474d ago

The way EA's been stinking up headlines recently, I assumed this meant the programmers behind the game were ready to jump ship from the company!

BX811473d ago

I'm excited for this game. I wanna see some gameplay though.

knifefight1473d ago

I'm going to jump in on the second or third PS4 game for UFC. I think that's when it'll become realistic enough to be acceptable.