TitanFall - Beta FAQ Unveiled, Registrations End On February 14th

Respawn Entertainment has also unveiled the FAQ for TitanFall’s beta phase. According to it, registrations will end on February 14th.

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sinjonezp1617d ago

I am registered on PC. What are your choices fellow n4g fam?

MorePowerOfGreen1617d ago

Xbox One.

My brother is getting it for Microsoft Windows PC

WeAreLegion1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )


Edit: I'm sorry. I meant Microsoft Windows PC.

TheFallenAngel1617d ago

Xbone. My brother has one so I signed up just to see what's the fuss about this game. I'll make my judgement once I play it but I dont have high hopes on this game.

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4ShotKing1617d ago

Registered 4 emails for the Titanfall BETA, 2 for XB1, 2 for PC, so pumped for this game!

Joker351617d ago

Keep getting system error! try again later..

2pacalypsenow1617d ago

Why is there no beta for Xbox 360 ? I'm playing it on PC but wouldn't mind playing on a console and don't want to waste money on an xbox1 for 1 game

USA0071617d ago

I believe they said the PC beta will have controller support if you want to use one

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