Titanfall Beta Sign Ups Hit Internet Early

GoodGameBro writes, "The Titanfall beta sign up for Xbox One and PC was originally supposed to go live at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time tonight. However, if you go to, there is already a place to sign up."

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TomShoe1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Signed up for PC.

EA better not screw me over. I hope they have enough codes...

JokesOnYou1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Hell yeah!, got home decided to log on the site early and I got a nice surprise. I just signed up for Xbox One beta 5min ago.

Prepared for Titanfall!

1594d ago
Gamer19821594d ago

Hmm seems pre-ordering doesn't garantee access after all its a lottery.. Sucks really for those who have..

erathaol1593d ago

Signed up for PC

Want to see what this game is all about

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Regis1594d ago

Got mine done as well hope I get it.

Muffins12231593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

We will lol

4Sh0w1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Yeah, I'm standing by alright, like a crackhead waiting for his next fix. I wish the party chat update for Xbox One was going live before the beta hits but at least it will before the final game launches, Titanfall will benefit a lot on Live with proper party system. Ok, screw this, I need to get some sleep and stop checking my goddamm email.

Sayai jin1594d ago

LOL...I know the feeling. Checked my email over and over...gonna chill and wait for my code.

ThichQuangDuck1594d ago

Afraid to do an Open Beta a month away from release check. Having gamers apply to play said game check.

Saying preorders people who fully purhcased the game may not be able to play beta check.

Not revealing process of who will be selected check.

Multiplayer only game from the same EA servers that brought us SimCity, Battlefield 4 and now Titanfall and will bring us Battlefront check.

A Beta that will begin will less then 4 weeks before launch and the game will be gold before any changes can be implemented leading to massive updates check.

I will cancel my preorder if I don't get to play,but for good reasons

Kribwalker1594d ago

Uhhhmmmm titanfall isn't on ea servers, it's on Microsoft servers

Just so you know

quaneylfc1594d ago

Underrestimation from an n4g user check

ThichQuangDuck1594d ago


Good news,but still what other game has utilized Microsoft Cloud Servers?

ThichQuangDuck1594d ago


Typical N4G when met with logic the character attacks come out. By the way other games who have a risky idea are doing a Beta like I don't know Destiny with all preorders. I am sure Titanfall will be great,but any game where much of the previews say the exact same thing with little to no variation and it is kept this secretive naturally leads me to worry. I am sorry I will return to blindly believing everything they say to buy their 60$ product without question because thinking is hard

AndrewLB1593d ago

That isn't logic. That's what you call a case of another kid who thinks he's entitled to something even though no such offer was made by the developers. But i guess this is the result of growing up where they don't keep score in sports, everyone gets a trophy, and everyone is oh so worried about your self esteem. An entire generation of emasculated men... and you're one of them.

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UnholyLight1594d ago

The fact that the Country drop down list has a list of probably Countries the user is trying to select(many companies often have these) Has Mexico and United States as a selection, but I have to scroll down to C to select Canada disheartens me

*Starts petition to boycott EA/Respawn Entertainment

Just kidding, I'll pick my ego up off the floor and survive

ThichQuangDuck1594d ago

I am in no way starting a boycott. I am raising questions that have not been asked about Microsoft Cloud Servers and a product that I have already paid 60$ for. You can make a joke about it or answer why these untested servers in a multiplayer only game are so reliable.

Not so much ego as logic and wallet

UnholyLight1593d ago

Whaaaat? I was just cracking a joke everybody calm down.

ThichQuangDuck1593d ago


This is N4G there is no Calm unless it is like a bomb

Patrick_pk441593d ago

Same. I hope to see it in action on my PC.

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Convas1594d ago

In for dat PC invite.

*fingers crossed*

Thump19671594d ago

Was done soon as it popped up Whoo Hoo