PS4 Has Outsold Wii U in North America and Europe

Buddy Acker writes: "It’s pretty well-known that the Wii U has not been a success story for Nintendo. It’s been available for purchase since late 2012 (late 2013 for Brazil) and has barely managed to sell over five million units worldwide. Sony announced over one million pre-orders had been placed on the PlayStation 4, and it sold over one million units upon its release. It has gone on to sell almost five million units in less than four months."

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Abash1615d ago

I wonder how much the PS4 will be leading over the Xbox One and Wii U by the holidays, the speed it's selling at is insane

ForgottenProphecy1615d ago

Once it stocks up to the point where you can easily walk into the store and buy one, the gap between PS4 and One/U should widen a bit. I don't think it will be that big of a gap though, because Smash Bros and Mario Kart should boost Wii U sales, and Halo should boost One sales

pupa1615d ago

Like none of the pending PS4 games will boost PS4 sales?

??????????? Amazing!

GenericNameHere1614d ago

"I don't think it will be that big of a gap though, because Smash Bros and Mario Kart should boost Wii U sales, and Halo should boost One sales

Why do you bring up games that have no release dates yet? Smash Bros and Halo will boost Wii U and Xbone sales respectively, but Uncharted 4 nor Gran Turismo 7 won't? Just because the Uncharted series never had a single title sell 9Mil+? Might as well cancel Zelda and Gears then, as those games also don't sell past 9Mil -_-

Also, PS4 and Xbone users are hungry for new games right now. If Knack is still charting in EU charts, you know new games are needed. Just as DKCTF will boost Wii U sales this month, so will Titanfall and inFamous Second Son next month for the Xbone and PS4, respectively.

Mr_Writer851614d ago

Just like Lego City would...

And Wonderful 101....

And Wind Walker....

And Pikmin.....

And Mario.........

Yup all those games had a huge impact over a short space of time.

And yet a console that hasn't even been released 6 months and hasn't been released in its home country will soon surpass it despite many haters claiming it has no good games.

The WiiU is showing exactly what the GameCube and N64 did that Nintendo have no power in the console market. Only a fanboy would see the Wii as nothing more then a well marketed fluke that papered over cracks.

Nintendo should stick to handhelds that's the only thing they get right.

Concertoine1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Youd have to be completely inept to think ANY of those games would sell a 300 dollar system. The wonderful 101, a game by a company that has never once met sales expectations. Pikmin 3, a sequel to two niche gamecube games that themselves werent big successes. Lego city... just no. Windwaker, an hd remake? Only fanboys thought any of those single games could save a system.
The only one that could was mario, and it actually gave the system the best month since launch and it sold only 50k behind the xbone, a brand new system, last holiday.

ForgottenProphecy1614d ago

@everybody above

@pupa I never said that. PS4's games will help keep it in the lead. Let's be honest, Mario Kart and Smash Bros will sell more Wii U's then infamous will sell PS4's. Halo will sell more Xbox Ones then Uncharted will sell PS4's. All amazing AAA games though, just saying Halo and Smash Bros are more recognized.

@GenericNameHere You are a new type of stupid. Can you look through my comment history and please find where I ever said Uncharted and Gran Turismo won't sell PS4's. I said the PS4 will stay in the lead, and just because I didn't go down the list of awesome AAA exclusives, I think Sony should cancel them? You sir, are everything wrong with this website. God forbid I recognize a good game on another console and say it will boost sales for that console.

@Mr_Writer When did I say those games would sell consoles? Only Super Mario 3D World would, and IT DID. Wind Waker is probably the only recognizable one you mentioned,and it's an HD remake.

@disagrees Sony fanboys are so low they'll attack a Sony fan for complimenting another console... Pathetic

Mr_Writer851614d ago

And now how many is it behind by?

The WiiU is a dud end of. Even Nintendo admit this.

Home console gaming has moved on.

Nintendo havnt.

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miyamoto1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Like the Fab4 was to music, from the beginning I knew the PS4 is really something very special. Its a modern day synergic phenomenon only limited by how Sony is managing it. The PS4 will be bigger than Sony. Its just waiting to happen. PS4 is gonna revolutionize the industty. I hope Sony realizes the porwntial of how bright the PS4 can shine.

Fez1614d ago

lol "modern day synergic phenomenon"
This is the kind of trolling I enjoy the most :D

lekain1614d ago

You ARE being flippant right?

ricochetmg1615d ago

I have been seeing them in the store lately but it us always around 2 or three.

TFJWM1615d ago

Ya there will always be some local sightings, once it it available online constantly at different sites then supply will finally surpass demand.

Magicite1614d ago

Just 10 more days till Japan launch and...BOOM!!!

G20WLY1614d ago

Well, the charts are updated for Europe now and they show the PS4 eating XBone alive.

Whether those charts are accurate is anyone's guess, but it certainly seems feasible and likely.

Hopefully, once Japan has launched PS4, they will steadily become more available in the rest of the world.

Denethor_II1614d ago

So PS4 is officially winning.

Gamer19821614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Available stock will increase in all territory's once released in Japan..
This also shows that theres no such thing as a system seller in terms of games as WiiU has some quality games right now and some great upcoming games (its also half the price of the PS4 and Xbox One). People look at just more than games nowadays they look at price, which is the better console, overall exclusives, and total exclusives. This is also why I think Xbox One will struggle this generation.

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Outside_ofthe_Box1615d ago

How is this "news"? Should be rumor considering the source is VgChartz.

SilentNegotiator1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Even if the sales were just short, it will certainly be reality in the next few weeks.

It's either true now or immediately around the next corner.

KwietStorm1615d ago

That's just...crazy. Like Sweet Tooth crazy.

sephx221615d ago

As we all knew it would and next Saturday (feb 22nd) the PS4 will pass the Wii U globally.