Chess 2: The Sequel - How does it work?

You may have heard of a Chess 2: The Sequel and wondered ‘Huh?’ Well, so did we, and were desperate to know more.

How does it all work? We’ve tried to give you the rules in the easiest way possible. There’s a lot to take in.

So the first big change in Chess 2 is that, if you cross over the midline with your King, you win the game. Naturally, that is going to make moves much more tactical and speed the game up pretty considerably. As normal, you can also still lose the game if it’s checkmate

Also, as normal in Chess, if you move a piece to an enemy on the square it occupies then you capture them. However, before the defender is captured, they can start a duel. In fact, the defender can actually attack the piece trying to capture them by spending stones. The player is given three stones at the start of every game, and every time a pawn is captured, an additional stone is added. The player can have up to six.

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